From the Painting Table – 18 July

I spent much of my painting time this week on WWII Female Soviets from Bad Squiddo Games. However, I did manage to finish a French Battalion Gun Limber for my Seven Years War Project.

French Battalion Gun Limber

It seems odd to me that during the Seven Years War, a lot of rolling stock was still pulled by teams in single file. In this hobby, miniature horses all tend to look the same – healthy, well fed and about the same size, but we know from reading that different sized horses were used for different tasks & those that pulled the supply wagons & artillery limbers were pretty much the same plugs that pulled the plow on the farm. So maybe the single file teams had something to do with the quality and availability of horses to do the job. I don’t know, but it just seems odd.

Bolshevik Gun Molls

Here are some WWII Soviets I finished this week. I have one more order in transit somewhere.

The Count

The total count of miniatures painted thus far this year is 292.

  • 23 28mm Fantasy Figures
  • 112 6mm Ancient Greek Figures
  • 40 10mm Seven Years War Figures
  • 10 28mm Old West Figures
  • 8 28mm Colonial Era Figures
  • 66 28mm World War Two Figures
  • 33 28mm Science Fiction Figures
  • 44 Pieces of Terrain
  • Rebased 13 Science Fiction Figures


When I sit down to paint, I play music. I usually stream K-Pop, Cyberpunk or Jazz. But since I was painting “Bolsheviks,” I decided to stream WWII Soviet music. One song in particular appear a lot on You-Tube – Kalinka. So for your enjoyment, or torture if you don’t like music in languages other than English, here’s Kalinka:

While on the subject of delightful songs sung in languages other than English, this gem popped up the other day. When I first saw this movie, I was just beginning that confusing part of life called puberty. Somehow this song had an effect on my sexuality that I still don’t fully understand:

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