The Slit Trench

Here’s another piece of terrain for my Rezhev Campaign – a small trench. In Mel’s tutorial, it is called a “slit trench.” I made mine a little wider because the Warlord Germans & the Bad Squiddo Soviets all have bits of the sculpt that overhang the base more than what Mel’s figures had. I really don’t know much about “slit trenches”, but I did have a manager once complain about the slit in my skirt being too high & revealing.

I started with a piece of foam, it’s not XPS or the bubbly kind. It was very rigid. I followed Mel’s tutorial and after shaping the slopes – I cut the model apart to remove the center & then glued it back together.

I covered the foam with drywall spackle & built the trench walls using corndog sticks (which are like wooden coffee stirrers in that they are a little narrower than craft sticks) & added posts made from bamboo skewers.

The front & sides were lined with sandbags I made from Das modeling clay.

Before painting, I seal the model with a coat of ModPoge with some black paint mixed in. This is done to give the piece some strength & to help prevent warping.

All painted up and ready to add basing material.

I think this small trench is a nice compromise to building an entire trench system.

I’m almost ready to start playing the campaign & I can build terrain as I go along. The Soviet platoon is nearly painted – hopefully I can play the first encounter next weekend.

2 thoughts on “The Slit Trench

  1. Excellent work – really effective. As someone who wouldn’t have the first clue about making something like this, I appreciate the tutorial. 🙂

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