It’s been too long since I’ve posted to the blog. I’ve spent the last week in February and most of this month on a couple of painting commissions. I don’t do commission work very often, and I think this will be the last time I’ll do a 15mm commission. (I’m really not very good at doing 15mm – don’t know why, I enjoy painting 10mm & 20mm figures, but 15mm seems so difficult, well not difficult, just uninspiring.)

Anyway, for an upcoming Sci-Fi game and to continue my WWII campaign, I need some ruined buildings. The first one I’ve completed is a simple ruined concrete wall. It was pretty quick to build.

If you’ve been following me on line, then you know a large part of Floozy Manor was renovated late Summer last year due to water damage from some plumbing issues. This means I snagged every bit of left over vinyl flooring to use as terrain bases. So, I’ll be basing these builds on vinyl flooring.

The walls are scrap pieces of foamboard from previous terrain builds. I removed the paper from both sides and used the ol’ aluminum foil ball to give the walls some texture. Glued them together and to the base using white glue (Aileen’s Tacky Glue).

When the walls were dry, I coated the base with a thin coat of white glue and sprinkled on some sand. I made a small pile of rubble out of cut up pieces of plastic sprue and glued it to the base.

Once everything was dry, I gave everything a coat of Mod Podge mixed with black paint to strengthen and seal the piece – after applying the Mod Podge, I allowed it to dry and cure over night.

Using acrylic craft paints, I painted the base a dark gray (Pavement Gray) and the wall and rubble pile a medium gray (Pewter Gray). After those coats were dry, I dry brushed the wall a light gray (Weathered Stone) and the base and rubble pile got a heavier dry brush of light tan (Beachcomber Beige). And it’s done.

There are a lot of YouTube Videos on making ruined walls, the ones from Black Magic Craft and Mel the Terrain Tutor were the most helpful.

Your comments are appreciated and I love reading them. No Floozys were harmed in building this piece of terrain (I was really careful with the box cutter and hobby knife!). No paint was spilled and nothing was unintentionally glued to the table – a major victory in crafting for me.

5 thoughts on “Something Concrete

  1. Most excellent! While it’s buried in storage, I made some concrete walls using the same method but I added short lengths of floral wire I stuck into the edges to portray twisted rebar.

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