Wire Barricades

The progress of my WWII Rzhev campaign has been halted while I scramble to build terrain for the next encounter which takes place in a Russian village. A while back, I purchased a Russian church from Warlord Games which is an almost must have for any Russian village and with that purchase I also bought a pack of barbed wire to make some obstacles with & the razorwire barricades set.

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to assembling the wire barricades. The wooden parts are all MDF.

The pack comes with enough pieces & wire to build 5 barricades. I put them really close together for the photo, but on the game mat they will be spaced further apart.

The purpose of barbed wire obstacles is to impede the movement of enemy troops, slowing them down while keeping them in the killing fields of automatic weapons.

Terrain building isn’t bad, I just suck at it, which is why I stick to the easy stuff to build & purchase ready made items whenever I can afford it (which isn’t often).

I’m hoping to have all the terrain done so I can play a game toward the end of April. I still have a few ruins to build & some buildings to paint.

Your comments are little treasures to me, they let me know that there are other somewhat normal people in this hobby.

7 thoughts on “Wire Barricades

  1. Normal?! Ha! Yes I know what you mean, comments form the blogosphere from people with similar interests are always a good thing.
    I think those barricades look great. I don’t know that I would go out and buy just MDF for them, as you can use all kinds of craft wood bits to make your own (and I do like the look of slapped together barricaded for war gaming). As far as building/painting/crafting terrain, unless you’re going to ultra realistic or really clean, you really can go wrong slapping some base color and drybrushing terrain!

  2. Hey! who do you think you’re calling normal, eh? 😛

    I still think terrain building can be easy if you stick to the easy stuff, no need to do crazy stuff like some of those crazy Youtube crafters can do, it will win no awards but who cares? If it’s playable and looks nice enough it works 🙂

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