A Tall Wall & Greek Casualties

Well, I’ve finished another wall, this one is taller with a platform for an observer or sniper. It was made out of foamboard like the others; coated the base with watered down glue & added sand. Once dry, coated the whole thing with a mixture of Mod Podge & black paint to seal it & give it a bit of strength. Finally, painted the walls with shades of gray and the ground with a beige color. Just a couple more ruined walls to go & then it’s on to painting the assembled buildings.

I’ve kept the ground cover to a minimum so I can use these walls for different periods and locales. Everything from Sci-Fi to early 20th Century.

Greek Casualties

Also coming off of the painting table today are some Greek cavalry casualty markers for use in RRtK (Rally Round the King). These are 28mm and they were originally Vendel miniatures, but then the line was owned by Sgt. Major Miniatures (where I bought them) and are now stocked by Thistle & Rose Miniatures. Thistle & Rose doesn’t have a website & can only be found on Facebook.

I know I say this in every post, but your comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, showers of praise, and gifts of gold and furs are always welcome. I mean, I once had a cat who showed her love for me by leaving dead mice on the door step, (I also once had a cat who showed her disdain for me by coughing up a fur ball in my shoe.)

Until next time….

9 thoughts on “A Tall Wall & Greek Casualties

    1. They’re Star Marine Scouts from Shadowforge, carried by Eureka Miniatures. Shadowforge had a line of female Star Marines which is OOP, but the Star Marine Scouts, Star Marine Special Ops & Politburo forces are still available. I bought a bunch of them for an Imperial Guard army, according to an old codex there was an all-female guard regiment that excelled at urban combat.

      1. As far as i know this is not just still 100% canonical for 40K (we even have a female guardswoman in the 9th ed trailer front and center), but it’s a central plot point of the Ciaphas Cain series of books, which i will forever recommend to everybody, so i’d say if you still want to make this army and have enough figures you still can, although i also recommend to everybody to look at other superior rulesets than the GW ones, you *very* well know the excellent Two Hour Wargames ones, and there’s many others like One Page Rules, Star Breach and others, even if you wanna stay in the Grimdark universe there’s no need to play crappy rules in 2021 😛

  1. Probably just the hair and shades, but the walkie-talkie lady reminds me of Honey from he Doonesbury comics.

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