Sticky Fingers Jane

I needed a thief, a pickpocket to be exact, as a NPC in playing my Delivery Encounter for 5150: New Beginnings. I needed a figure that wasn’t armed to the teeth & whether you play fantasy, science fiction or historical games – suitable unarmed figures can be hard to find.

Enter Sticky Fingers Jane. She is actually the Street Punk Rosana Rosas 3D print figure by Papsikels. I don’t own a 3D printer, so I bought mine from 3DResinator’s Etsy page for $4.00 (actually, I paid a little less – I bought enough minis to get a discount).

Though there is a lot of detail on the model, she was surprisingly easy to paint. You might be wondering why a pickpocket would wear such bright colors – she’s extremely confident she won’t get caught!

The 3D Printed Miniatures I have painted so far.

When I first started painting and gaming miniatures, my son and I played a lot of massed battle games. Now, a few decades later, I prefer good games with fewer figures. I’m really enjoying the Cyberpunk-type figures I’m finding from 3D printers.


Sticky Fingers Jane

  • Star or Grunt: Grunt
  • Race: Basic Humanoid
  • Gender: Female
  • Profession: Thief
  • Attributes: Initiative
  • Reputation: 4
  • Skills: People 3; Savvy 4
  • Items: N/A
  • Weapons & Armor: None
  • Enhanced of Psy: Body Enhancements

Figure Comparisons

Jane with figures from Corvus Belli Infinity
Jane with figures from Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope
Jane with figures from Wargames Foundry Street Violence
Jane with figures from Urban Mammoth
Jane with figures from Hasslefree Miniatures

And always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. Though, I have noticed an absence of lavish gifts and bequests of admiration lately. (Lol)

5 thoughts on “Sticky Fingers Jane

  1. I’ve been noticing that you do a better job with faces than I do. You mention switching from mass games to smaller scale RPGs or maybe skirmish games. Has that changed your painting style?

    1. No, the switch to smaller games hasn’t affected my painting style. What has is the use of a wet palette, brushes with good points, finally learning to thin paint, & lots of painting. Oh, yeah, I watch painting videos a couple of times a week.

    1. Well, I guess I need to dive into fashion and articles of clothing. You may have noticed a trend among young folk male & female where they do not carry wallets or purses. It’s easy to tell where a man carries things because his pockets are visible. Same is true of a young lady wearing jeans. But did you know that many skin tight yoga pants, capris, slacks & leggings also have pockets? Usually only one but sometimes two. They are on the inside of the garment. The one in back is usually found below the “tramp stamp” and above the gluteal clef (that’s the proper term for a$$ crack). That pocket is large enough for a slim phone, a credit card & driver’s license. Some pants have a smaller pocket in the front of the waist band large enough for a credit card or a single key.
      Moving away from the pants – tank tops & crop tops usually have a built-in bra called a “shelf bra”. Not only does this internal band of cloth provide support, it is, as the name implies, a “shelf” where you can put things. I have a few friends where it is not uncommon to hear ring tones coming from their bras.
      Though not seen on this model, when young people do have a lot of things to carry, they usually sling a tote bag or backpack over their shoulder. Small purses if going out at night, but during daylight hours? Purses & fanny packs are for us grandmothers.

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