I’ve finished painting another 3D Printed resin miniature. This one is called “Cyberpunk Mixed Martial Artist,” but to me he’s Max Powers, the bouncer of a seedy dive, his days in the ring are behind him now. He’s had a few episodes of “metal madness” due to his enhancements, but he’s better now – so they say.

He’s a big fellow, easily one of the tallest in my collection who isn’t a Grath or a Zuhh-Zuhh. I’ve also seen him listed on other sites as a “gang lord” and just a “ganger.” I find it hard to see this figure as a “gang lord,” one usually doesn’t think of gang leaders being barefoot.

Here’s a shot of the 3D Printed miniatures I’ve painted to date:

Left to Right: Sticky Fingers Jane, Frosty Eddie, Kim Guihan, Max Powers, April Sanchez & Jimmy the Smirker

I’m really enjoying painting these figures, but something is nagging the back of my mind and it’s something I’m finding a little disturbing – “Why in the Cyberpunk, Post Apocalyptic future are so many willing to replace parts of their bodies with cybernetic parts?”

As always, your comments and suggestions are so very welcome. Don’t be afraid to say something. Floozies are loud, gaudy, slightly psycho and often drunk – but you can still get a word in edgewise!

Finally, here’s a Mother’s Day treat for y’all:

7 thoughts on “Max Powers

  1. Why would people cyberpunk themselves out with Enhancements? Because people be weird! People want an edge. People want a thrill. People want to impress…

  2. First upgrade is free. It’s also addictive (due to the software that gets installed with it). If the corporation’s bottom line isn’t quite where it needs to be for the CEO to get his bonus for the quarter, then the addiction gets dialed up a little bit…Geez, that’s cynical even for me. I think the core idea came from people who are “addicted” to plastic surgery, but in this case the software causes a real, physical addiction, a craving for more product. I kind of want to write this story now…

  3. Great work on him Floozy. Can see a cyberarm being useful for dealing with some of the rougher patrons he might encounter… not that I would know anything about such establishments of course.



  4. I think you got some good answers. Replacing an entire arm would probably leave you down and out of action for several months while the body heals. Still, adding cybernetic components is, to some degree, projecting our current activities on to the future and going high tech. To put it another way, how many people do you know who have electronically enhanced hearing (aids), hennaed hair or beards, face lifts, tummy tucks, or various artificial components to replace items that have failed? Your question got me to wondering what other cybernetic enhancements the characters might want. After all, the game focuses on combat or at least the rough side of life, but there are all manner of other possibilities out there. Some of them would probably be illegal or frowned upon. There would probably have to be some sort of underground loan industry to fund such cybernetic upgrades.

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