Mid-Summer Madness – Session 1

The first thing I did was to organize all of the miniatures by release date. I used two sources to help me do this, the first was the Stuff of Legends website and the second was the Collecting Citadel Miniatures Wiki. I discovered my collection spans thirty years from 1985 to 2005. On the surface, it looks like I have 215 miniatures to paint (I counted mounts and war machines as separate models).

The second task was a long tedious one. I had to go through the miniatures repairing broken bits, attaching shields and, in some cases, reassembling miniatures that had come apart in the paint stripping process from a few years ago. One of the biggest pains in the rear is that many of the crossbowmen cast in the 80s were missing the crossbows. The hands of the figures were cast on the crossbow, so I had handless figures. The crossbows with hands that I did have were from the 6th Edition of WHFB (Warhammer Fantasy Battles) and were slightly larger in scale than the figures cast in the 80s. Noticeable if you hold the figure up to your face, but not on the table top.

Reassembled WHFB 2nd/3rd Edition Bolt Thrower

I didn’t have any GW (Games Workshop) Chaos Hounds, so I used Ral Partha Hell Hounds and Ral Partha Wolves.

Ral Partha Hell Hounds
Witch Elves were once fully clothed

Believe it or not, before 1990 the Dark Elf Witch Elves wore full coats of chain mail. The Witch Elves released by Marauder in 1990 were the first to wear the infamous chain mail bikini.

1990 Witch Elves now wear chain mail bikinis

Repairing and assembling the minis has taken longer than I thought. It’s a good thing today was a Saturday and I could devote a lot of time to the project.

Time Spent

6 Hours

Models Finished


Worked On


In total, I’ve spent 6 hours on 99 models and finished none. I have 21 days left in which to complete my Dark Elf Army.

Tomorrow’s goals are to finish assembling everything; prime everything that needs to be primed and then give everything a nice zenithal highlight.

Worked on 99 models this session

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