Mid-Summer Madness – Session 2

From time to time, one comes across a model that makes no sense. Today, I worked on one, it was the first iteration of the Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood. GW has since made two other iterations of the Cauldron of Blood, both as absurd as the first one. I remember the Cauldron of Blood was in the rules a long time before there was an official model. My first Cauldron of Blood was simply a sewing thimble painted brass.

The 5th/6th Edition Cauldron of Blood

Like most metal models, it came without instructions on how to assemble it. I say this because one of the worse models in my collection is the metal stagecoach from Old Glory (also without assembly instructions). Anyway, this was a time sink which ate up an hour of time.

I only worked four hours on the project today. A rather lengthy nap took up most of the afternoon, and at my age, a nap is always more enjoyable than work.

Time Spent

4 Hours

Models Finished


Worked On


Total Time

10 Hours

Total Finished


Total Models


Hopefully, I’ll finish assembling models tomorrow and be able to begin priming.

3 thoughts on “Mid-Summer Madness – Session 2

  1. Elaine get something that looks like a large pot and use the it to make your own Pot of blood and use parts from the model to make it look WICKED and Evil Looking Richard..

  2. Looking good! I was not too impressed by the Cauldron of Blood but will eventually collect one just to have it however there are tons of other figures to work on first!

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