Mid-Summer Madness – Session 7

Wow, I’ve posted everyday for a week. I hope this isn’t becoming too boring. I’m afraid the daily posts are the carrot and stick to get me to complete this army.

Today I started the next unit in earnest, “Spears of the Winged Skull.” Whereas the identifying color of the last unit was red, I’ve decided to give green a go for this one.

Winged Skulls with zenithal highlighting

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that I primed the figures black yesterday. The first task today was to give each figure a white highlight. The goal is to leave the recesses and undersides black and place a gradation of white where light will strike the figure.

When painting a single figure, I often paint the figure’s skin first and move outwards – like getting dressed. I’ve learned from speed painters to paint the largest amounts of color first. Using this approach, I painted all of the metalic parts first, since the armor makes up most of what these figures are wearing.

Metalic base coats applied

I painted the bases next, just to get them out of the way. I used Reaper’s Muddy Brown on this unit.

For the day’s final task, I painted the shields with Reaper Dark Elf Shadow – it is a dark purple that is nearly black.

Base and shields painted

I was only able to spend two hours painting today. This brings the total amount of time spent on the project to 22.5 hours.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I plan to spend a significant amount of time on the Dark Elf project.

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