Mid-Summer Madness – Session 8

I was going to spend several hours on the Dark Elf project today, but events and nature conspired against doing so. I only got to spend 2.5 hours today painting. This brings the total time spent to 25 hours.

Today’s main focus was the color green. You would think I’d have a basic green paint or at least the classic GW Goblin Green – but evidently I don’t. All of the green paint I have are military colors, things like Russian Green, Luftwaffe Green, Uniform Green, Soviet Uniform Green, British Uniform and so on. So my challenge became making a bright green that would look right in a fantasy setting rather than painting Dark Elves for the Eastern Front.

I settled on four colors, all from Vallejo, Black Green for the shadows; Luftwaffe Camo Green for the first base coat, Luftwaffe Camo Bright Green for the mid-tone, and gradations of a mixture of Luftwaffe Camo Bright Green and Yellow Green for the highlights.

I was able to paint the spear shafts Vallejo Flat Brown before having to call it a day.

What do you think of the green? Maybe I do need to buy some Goblin Green.

3 thoughts on “Mid-Summer Madness – Session 8

  1. Adding green to my list of colors that can be indeterminate, either good or evil, depending on the shade.

    1. I’ve painted green on SYW Jagers, Napoleonic Russians, Spanish Civil War, both sides, WWII Soviets and bits of WWII German kit with no problems. But whenever it comes to painting green on Fantasy or Sci-Fi figures, it just eats my lunch!

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