Spears of the Winged Skull

This fearsome unit has not lost a battle since the Battle of the Black Marsh. The sorceress who owns the regiment, Xyandi Nindraizan, had the survivors decimated – one in ten were impaled on their own spears to sooth her anger. The current commander, Ghin Cygnarc, knows that in each battle or skirmish, he must either emerge victorious or die in the fray.

The Dark Elves of Gorath are not a barbaric people, but they are a people capable of immense cruelty.

This is the second unit finished in my Mid-Summer Madness project to paint a dark elf army that has been sitting in a box for way too many years.

Your comments, criticisms, lavish praise, and offers of treasure are always appreciated. Floozies love baubles that glitter.

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