Mid-Summer Madness – Session 13

Today, I was a little under the weather – you know, the pounding frontal lobe most-of-the-day headache, right above the right eye. Anyway, I only worked one hour on the project painting only one color – yellow. Yellow is a hard color to paint. Oh, you can gloop it on thick with lots of brush streaks – but getting it to be a smooth blend, that’s work.

I had laid down a layer of Vallejo Brown Sand as the starting layer. The colors I used to build a gradient yellow were Reaper Marigold Yellow, Reaper Sun Yellow and WarColours Flesh 1.

But, yeah, an entire hour to put yellow on six figures. That meant 6 to 8 layers of glazing and blending per figure. This brings the project’s total time to 36.5 hours. Hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow.

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