First Sign of Winter Arrives at Floozy Manor

Early Christmas Package

Labor Day was last week signaling the end of Summer. Today, I received a package full of Winter!

Yeah, I received miniatures from a Kickstarter I backed from Bad Squiddo Games – WWII Soviet Women in Winter Uniform!

They are so beautiful, no flash or mold lines and the poses are so dynamic, they look as though they stepped out of 1940s news photographs and newsreels.

I smiled and I cried. I cried a little when I realized that these miniatures are based on young women from my mother’s generation, who were the age of my granddaughters and so many of them made the ultimate sacrifice. There’s a lot we can learn from their sacrifice and there’s a lot we can learn from them about living day by day.

So, you may ask “will the Floozy have all of these painted before Winter?” Of course I will.

BUT – the real question is “will the Eastern Front supplement for NUTS! be released before my girls take Berlin? At the moment it’s February 1942 & they’re at Rzhev.”

Here’s what I got:

A thank you note from Annie
The Winter Command Pack – Officer, Sgt., Radio Operator, & Medic
Winter Riflewomen
Winter Infantry with SMG
Winter LMG Team
Winter Maxim HMG & Crew
Winter 82mm Mortar & Crew
Winter Tank Riders Pack A
Winter Tank Riders Pack B
Winter Tank Commanders
Winter Tank Attack
Kneeling Sniper Team in Snow Suits
Winter Traffic Controllers
Winter Advancing Command – Political Officer & Std. Bearer
Pilots with Parachutes
Pilots – Night Witches
Tank Riders Pack B
Summer Infantry with SMG
Dzhulbars & Dina – Sapper Team
Lyudmila Pavlichenko (Lady Death)
Anti Tank Rifle Team
Musician & Dancers
Guitar Player & Adoring Fan

Since I now have an Anti Tank Rifle Team, I guess my next purchase will have be a Panzer III for the team to blow up.

I hope this wasn’t boring, but it was good to have a little excitement today. Until next time “dasvidaniya”!

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