A Word from Our Sponsors…

To me, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to navigate or read a site covered in advertisements. I’m sure there are some sites whose main goal is to make money. There are also many sites who have to resort to ads to help the site stay on-line.

The fact is, it does cost to have an on-line presence. I’m not against ads, I’m just very skeptical about what ads my service provider would run on my pages. I mean floozies aren’t necessarily concerned with erectile disfunction, on-line dating services, diet supplements or far-right political conspiracies.

Nor do I think my content is worthy of charging any kind of subscription or membership fee.

So here’s a simple PayPal donation button. If you like visiting the site and would like to help defray the costs of operating it, please feel free to express your appreciation in any amount and as often as you please. No pressure, no problem if you don’t – just maybe a little smile if you do. I appreciate everyone who reads content on my site and thank you from the bottom of my heart.