Atomic Floozy’s Radioactive Rummage Sale

Unfortunately there comes a time when one has to part with some of her miniature collection. Either I no longer play games using those miniatures or I’ve replaced them with newer and better painted copies. Anyway, in the past I would take them to a convention and sell them there. Thanks to the current pandemic, there have been no conventions.

All of the miniatures are painted to a table top standard – nothing real fancy about them. If you would like to purchase a few, drop me a line using the Contact email found on the Contact Page with the miniature’s code (e0012 for example). The prices listed do not include shipping, so it is important remember this especially if you do not live in the United States. Transactions will be done through Pay Pal – I mean this is a rummage sale and not a full fledged business complete with shopping cart.

e0001 Reaper Bones Skeletal Guardian Spearman – SOLD

e0002 Reaper Bones Skeleton Warrior with Sword – SOLD

e0003 Reaper Bones Skeleton Warrior Axeman – SOLD

e0004 Reaper Bones Skeleton Warrior Archer – $5.00

e0005 Reaper Bones Skeletal Guardian Axeman – SOLD

e0006 Reaper Bones Skeleton Warrior Spearman – SOLD

e0007 Reaper Bones Skeletal Guardian Archer – $5.00

e0008 Reaper Bones Spikeshell Warrior No. 1 – $4.00

e0009 Reaper Bones Sarah the Seeress – SOLD

e0010 Reaper Bones Townsfolk Wench – $5.00