The Painting Table – End of September

I know it isn't quite the end of September, but looking at the figures in my paint queue, I won't finish anything else until some time in October. I managed to complete 64 figures & 3 pieces of terrain this month (counting the bunker & the trench). Rhaine, Rogue This is a lovely figure from… Continue reading The Painting Table – End of September


Figure Storage & the Humble Egg

A question popped up on the Two Hour Wargames forum recently where someone asked about figure storage solutions which allowed quick access to figures. So, I decided to do a quick post on how I store my finished figures. Note, the unpainted lead pile of shame & terrain pieces are not covered in this post… Continue reading Figure Storage & the Humble Egg

World War II - NUTS!

DIY Earth & Log Bunker

I split my painting time this week between painting miniatures and building terrain. I built an earth & log bunker for my 28mm WWII campaign. The bunker may look familiar to some of you, I took my inspiration from Mel the Terrain Tutor's how-to video, though I made mine slightly larger. I didn't have… Continue reading DIY Earth & Log Bunker

World War II - NUTS!

The Meat Grinder – Part 3

Early 1942 Soviet Rifle Squad at Full Strength "Q & E Campaigning" Gaming campaigns have appeared in Two Hour Wargames for some time, but I never played any of them until the Q&E Campaigning system in Fortunes Won and Lost, a rule set now sold by Rebel Minis. This system uses a minimum amount of… Continue reading The Meat Grinder – Part 3

World War II - NUTS!

The Meat Grinder – Part 2

Where to Start As with all immersion games and role playing games, you begin with your character. Now, being of the gentler sex (ha!), to realistically play a woman in a combat role during WWII, my choices are to play a partisan or resistance fighter in an occupied area, or a soldier of the Soviet… Continue reading The Meat Grinder – Part 2

World War II - NUTS!

The Meat Grinder – Part 1

Getting their bearings Introduction to a New Project Most of the time I play one-off games. I have the attention span of a gnat and it is often hard to play several games linked together into a campaign. The two exceptions have been when writing the Pearl's Plight story and when writing the 5150 No… Continue reading The Meat Grinder – Part 1

5150: Science Fiction

Blue and Green – Part 3

Clubbing Jiyoon Mar stared at her wig.  It was a contradiction, but life among the Gaeans was full of contradictions.  They called themselves “basics” as in “basic humanoids”, the word “human” had become an elitist word in some circles and a racial obscenity in others.  She had permanently removed her hair like a Shoovian nun… Continue reading Blue and Green – Part 3