5150: Science Fiction

B and the Monkey-Poodle Virus, Part 1

Or How to Play 5150: Alien Fight Night The cheering and applause from the crowd of cardboard cut-outs is pre-taped, the palooka in the white shirt is the referee, though you can’t understand a word he is saying through his surgical mask and that’s me, Bouncing Betty Caruso, the one on the left whose right… Continue reading B and the Monkey-Poodle Virus, Part 1

5150: Science Fiction

Blue and Green – Part 3

Clubbing Jiyoon Mar stared at her wig.  It was a contradiction, but life among the Gaeans was full of contradictions.  They called themselves “basics” as in “basic humanoids”, the word “human” had become an elitist word in some circles and a racial obscenity in others.  She had permanently removed her hair like a Shoovian nun… Continue reading Blue and Green – Part 3

5150: Science Fiction

Blue & Green – Part 2

Launching a Star As the last note of the bosun’s call ended, the duty officer, Ensign Ska, barked, “Captain on deck!” Commander Taeyeon Sea came to attention and with the rest of the crew, bowed.  Returning the bow, Captain Trinna Zin said, “Thank you, as you were.”  She walked up to Taeyeon, who was standing… Continue reading Blue & Green – Part 2

5150: Science Fiction

Blue & Green – Part 1

Introduction Here's a new story, broken over several parts. Blog posts are typically short forms, so I can only reasonably do one scene at a time to hold the typical blog reader's interest. I'm not knocking a reader's attention span - I'm acknowledging that a blog post is a short form & not a novel.… Continue reading Blue & Green – Part 1

5150: Science Fiction

Officer Moon – Working Grave

I recently purchased 5150 Working Grave from Two Hour Games, A.K.A. Two Hour Wargames, and am eager to try it out. I usually play a game to build a story and then write the story as a blog post. This time I've had people ask me to show how I play the game dice roll… Continue reading Officer Moon – Working Grave

5150: Science Fiction

Augmented Reality – a Toolkit for Adding Detail to 5150 Games

I've gotten to the point that I can't play a game unless it tells a story. I guess that's why I've never been an avid card player or why I can never get into chess or dominos. A short look at my blog posts will find that they are more story than AAR, After Action… Continue reading Augmented Reality – a Toolkit for Adding Detail to 5150 Games

5150: Science Fiction, Colonial Era / Pulp, Fantasy, Old West

Partisans, Bar Flies & Other Folk

Well, I finally finished the Bolshevik Partisans and a few other miniatures as well. I'm moving closer to that goal, but with only three months left, will I make it? Probably, not - but it's going to be fun to try. Bolshevik Partisans The partisans are from Copplestone Castings' Back of Beyond range. I purchased… Continue reading Partisans, Bar Flies & Other Folk

5150: Science Fiction

Star Punk Dreams – Part 5

“A basic rule of thumb about hackers is that we live to peek at things that others have hidden, it’s our nature." Laughing Man, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex They wasted no time in taking care of Charlene, especially after her employer agreed to cover the costs.  While she was in the surgery,… Continue reading Star Punk Dreams – Part 5

5150: Science Fiction

Star Punk Dreams, Part 4

“The pain in the index finger of his right hand was especially strong.  This didn’t make any sense – his index finger was the cheapest cybernetic finger available, and had never included nerve features like the ability to feel pain.”  - Junichi Fujisaku, “Double Targets” Yin took a sip of bottled water and then poured… Continue reading Star Punk Dreams, Part 4