5150: Science Fiction

A Delivery Encounter for 5150: New Beginnings

I've received an advance copy of the new edition of Two Hour Wargames' 5150: New Beginnings to evaluate and review. Do I need to say I'm excited? The book is thick with some 250 pages all in color. It updates and consolidates the "civilian" or non-military science fiction rules. While the rules can be played… Continue reading A Delivery Encounter for 5150: New Beginnings

5150: Science Fiction

Guihan and April

I've received an advanced PDF copy of the 5150: New Beginnings rule book scheduled for release at the end of the month from Two Hour Wargames. What better way to play test and review new rules than with a couple of new miniatures - Guihan and April. With this new edition of 5150: New Beginnings,… Continue reading Guihan and April

5150: Science Fiction

Jimmy “the Smirker” John

Mr. James John, a.k.a. Jimmy the Smirker, a.k.a. Smirking Jimmy, a.k.a. Smirking John, a.k.a. "the Smirker", and numerous other handles not fit for polite society is a "fixer." A fixer is a logistics problem solver - he or she can procure, fence, hire personnel or broker a deal whether legit or not so legal. He's… Continue reading Jimmy “the Smirker” John

5150: Science Fiction, Colonial Era / Pulp, Miscellaneous

Stuck on Stucco

While waiting for paint to dry, literally when using a glaze technique you need to let the paint completely dry before applying the next coat (unless you want to blend colors & that's a whole other subject) - back on topic - whenever I reach a point in miniature painting or any other task when… Continue reading Stuck on Stucco

5150: Science Fiction, Miscellaneous, World War II - NUTS!

Something Concrete

It's been too long since I've posted to the blog. I've spent the last week in February and most of this month on a couple of painting commissions. I don't do commission work very often, and I think this will be the last time I'll do a 15mm commission. (I'm really not very good at… Continue reading Something Concrete

5150: Science Fiction

“Frosty” Eddie

Mr. Edward James Frost, A.K.A. "Frosty" Eddie, is a NPC (Non-Player Character) in my Star Punk Dreams campaign. He began as a chemist reverse engineering and designing generic drugs for one of the big pharmaceutical corporations, he soon left the corporate life to design his own drugs, mostly of the illicit nature. Over the years,… Continue reading “Frosty” Eddie

5150: Science Fiction

B and the Monkey-Poodle Virus, Part 2

Or How to Play 5150: Alien Fight Night - Finale Whew!  That’s enough explanation, let’s play and write a story! He began to paw the canvas like a bull, snorted, grunted, and then charged.  I don’t know if I actually thought of Teddy Welchman at that moment, but I remembered some of what he had… Continue reading B and the Monkey-Poodle Virus, Part 2

5150: Science Fiction

B and the Monkey-Poodle Virus, Part 1

Or How to Play 5150: Alien Fight Night The cheering and applause from the crowd of cardboard cut-outs is pre-taped, the palooka in the white shirt is the referee, though you can’t understand a word he is saying through his surgical mask and that’s me, Bouncing Betty Caruso, the one on the left whose right… Continue reading B and the Monkey-Poodle Virus, Part 1

5150: Science Fiction

Blue and Green – Part 3

Clubbing Jiyoon Mar stared at her wig.  It was a contradiction, but life among the Gaeans was full of contradictions.  They called themselves “basics” as in “basic humanoids”, the word “human” had become an elitist word in some circles and a racial obscenity in others.  She had permanently removed her hair like a Shoovian nun… Continue reading Blue and Green – Part 3

5150: Science Fiction

Blue & Green – Part 2

Launching a Star As the last note of the bosun’s call ended, the duty officer, Ensign Ska, barked, “Captain on deck!” Commander Taeyeon Sea came to attention and with the rest of the crew, bowed.  Returning the bow, Captain Trinna Zin said, “Thank you, as you were.”  She walked up to Taeyeon, who was standing… Continue reading Blue & Green – Part 2