5150: Science Fiction

5150: Missions – Find Encounter

I've got some time off this week, so I was able to squeeze in a game.  I decided to play an encounter from the 5150: Missions rules.  I chose this set of rules because you can play it on the tabletop or using a battle board,  there is no need for tape measures to measure… Continue reading 5150: Missions – Find Encounter

5150: Science Fiction

The Cool Coolie is on Sale Now!

The Cool Coolie is now on sale at Two Hour Wargames!  I'm excited, but I can't write an unbiased review.  Instead of writing posts this past month or so, I've been writing The Cool Coolie. So what is The Cool Coolie?  It is a scenario book in the 5150 No Limits series of immersion games… Continue reading The Cool Coolie is on Sale Now!

5150: Science Fiction

Dwarf in Spaaacce!

Fresh off of the painting table is Patti Fink, a.k.a. "Shortcake."  She's a Net Runner by profession and 1st mate on a trader.  She's not an alien in 5150, she's a "Basic" (Basic Humanoid).The figure is from Hasslefree Miniatures.  She is a Grymn Mech pilot - HFG405 Pilot Hayden , which comes in resin and… Continue reading Dwarf in Spaaacce!

5150: Science Fiction

How to Play New Hope City PI, Part 2

Recap In the first part I described the preliminary steps to set up the game: You create your character who will solve the crime. (You can also use a character you've already created in other 5150 games.)  You determine what type of crime was committed either by rolling on the "Crime" table or simply choosing… Continue reading How to Play New Hope City PI, Part 2

5150: Science Fiction

When Black Isn’t Black – Painting Sci-Fi

The Floozy may be a slow painter, but she paints a little each night.  This week I finished 3 science fiction figures and rebased 1 figure.  I made progress on other figures, I just didn't get them finished. Painting Black Without Black I'm painting figures and putting together terrain to play 5150: Infestation from Two Hour… Continue reading When Black Isn’t Black – Painting Sci-Fi

5150: Science Fiction

“Pearl and the Case of the Missing Pug” – or – “How to Play New Hope City PI”

Playing the Game What I like about playing immersion games (sometimes called RPG-lite games) is using the action from the game play to craft a story.  I'm playing NEW HOPE CITY, PI from Two Hour Wargames.  New Hope City, PI is a supplement of 5150: NEW BEGINNINGS - URBAN RENEWAL and you will need a copy of… Continue reading “Pearl and the Case of the Missing Pug” – or – “How to Play New Hope City PI”

5150: Science Fiction

Nina’s Nocturne – Part One, Setting the Stage

Nina put the last breakfast dish into the dishwasher.  She looked at the coffee pot and began running an analysis including probability calculations as to whether or not Pearl would want another cup of coffee before leaving for the office.  The part of her mind which mimicked subjective human behavior told her that she was… Continue reading Nina’s Nocturne – Part One, Setting the Stage

5150: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Dungeon Tiles, Painting Gnolls, and a Study in Red

This month has been a little slow, hobby-wise.  It has alternated between cold and warm and cold and hot and freezing weather here in the Dallas area, often on the same day.  The wild fluctuation in temperature has played havoc on my health.  So chalk one up for the "it sucks to get old" meme.… Continue reading Dungeon Tiles, Painting Gnolls, and a Study in Red

5150: Science Fiction

Going on a Lark

This was my first game of "5150: Back Alleys, Bright Lights" from Two Hour Wargames.  It is a stand alone supplement in the 5150 series of games.  This means that you can use characters, items, even rule mechanics found in other 5150 games in this game and vice versa.  You can also play this game just… Continue reading Going on a Lark

5150: Science Fiction, Classical Greece, Colonial Era / Pulp, Fantasy

RRtK for Thucydides, Part 5

Project Progress The last few weeks have seen some progress on the project.  I painted and rebased archers, javelin men, and two units of hoplites.  I assembled 32 Victrix Spartans that are now in the painting queue. I've also started tweaking the rules to see what can be done to add some flavor to Rally Round the… Continue reading RRtK for Thucydides, Part 5

5150: Science Fiction

Getting Ready for Texicon: More Aliens

Texicon is 21 days away.  I'm confident that I'll be ready. (Now watch everything go wrong!) There's only a handful of minis left to paint & half a dozen paper/cardstock buildings to assemble. Here's what came off of the painting table this week & a few pictures of some Foundry Street Violence Packs.  "Street Violence"… Continue reading Getting Ready for Texicon: More Aliens