Goodbye Hinterland Miniatures

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of clicks on my post about Hinterland Miniatures. This makes me sad that this new interest has come after Hinterland has closed shop.

The British from the back to the front – Lt. Matthews, P.O. Tuttle, Yates, Reynolds & Connelly

Our hobby is bordered by only our imagination. Hinterland Miniatures produced figures set in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and they were mostly female figures. Yet, Hinterland was based in El Paso, Texas – only a ten to twelve hour drive from my home near Dallas (yes, Texas is a big place). They were a casualty of the pandemic. No conventions, no one sees the figures resulting in lower sales and then the final blow when the company doing the casting went out of business. Like many companies in this hobby, Hinterland Miniatures was a one man company, which Jason ran out of his garage.

Sailors commanded by Lt. Jane Powell – figures by Hinterland Miniatures

There are not many companies that produce female figures for the colonial era – Copplestone, Foundry and North Star remain, but we’ve lost some interesting figures from Hinterland Miniatures. I suppose going forth, e-Bay and convention flea markets will be the only places to find these figures.

Female Askari by Hinterland Miniatures
Hinterland Askari firing line
Lt Matthews
Lt. Caroline Matthews & sailors from the HMS Pinafore are responsible for the safety of Lady Hamilton.