Have you heard the Nightmares of Dreamcatcher?

Happyface Entertainment was on the verge of disbanding its new girl group, Minx. Minx was like scores of other Korean girl groups of the time doing a cutesy bubblegum pop – and that was the problem, even though they had great vocals, there was nothing that made them more noticeable than other groups. But someone came up with an idea – they added two more members & changed the concept from cute girl pop to horror & rock. This new band was called “Dreamcatcher” & its seven members each represent a nightmare.

Dreamcatcher is one of my favorite groups. They have a sound that is unique to K-Pop, one that has more of a rock vibe to it. Their songs & videos tell interesting stories, but it is their B-sides where their versatility really shines where you will find songs with jazz, R&B & other genres. Like a lot of groups, they also do songs in Japanese & have been featured in anime & video games.

For this sample, I’ve chosen a song from their Nightmare series, a song from their Dystopia series, and one of my favorite B-sides.