New Format for the Site

It’s time to spruce up the site and improve it’s look. The three latest posts will be on the slider right below the heading. If you would like to view older posts, then just select Blog from the menu. I’ll also be adding more content and some new features to the site.

  • The first change can be seen in the menu – a Contents page. In the past, I relied on the Categories section to organize my posts. While this worked, it wasn’t very friendly to use.
  • Next to come is a Miniature Catalog to showcase the miniatures which appear in my posts and writing. It will also include links to the manufacturer’s site where the miniature can be purchased if it is still in production.
  • Advertisements – you won’t see any. However, to help defray the costs of maintaining the site, you will find a PayPal Donation button on some pages. Please don’t feel obligated to donate, but any donation will be greatly appreciated (and I promise I won’t spend it on booze!).