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Mid-Summer Madness – Session 3

Today I finished assembling all of the infantry and three flyers. Some of the fliers are missing parts of their wings, but instead of taking time to look for them in the bits boxes (yeah, I got bits scattered everywhere), I decided to start painting a unit of infantry. In the game Warrior Heroes Warbands… Continue reading Mid-Summer Madness – Session 3


Heartbreaker Dark Elves

Step into the Way Back Machine (along with Mr. Peabody), and let's go back to the last decade of the previous century. There were several massed battle fantasy games available - all competing against Games Workshop's Warhammer. Heartbreaker Hobbies had a game called Leviathan. They even used some of the same sculptors who had sculpted… Continue reading Heartbreaker Dark Elves


A Band of Dark Elves

At MilleniumCon 2009, a bunch of guys from LSHMS (Lone Star Historical Miniatures Society) had a table in the dealer area where they were selling items other members wanted to get rid of, they were kind of running a flea market before the actual flea market day of the convention. Anyway, they had a big… Continue reading A Band of Dark Elves