Amazons for Piathoe’s Peaks

While making repairs around Floozy Manor, I did manage to sneak a little time to paint up a band of mounted Amazons for use with Piathoe's Peaks from Two Hour Wargames.  I've had these miniatures for a while and finally kicked myself in the rear and got a few of them painted.  The Amazons are… Continue reading Amazons for Piathoe’s Peaks

Colonial Era / Pulp

Preparing for Texicon – Part 4

Texicon is one month away! It is hard to believe that I started this project in December & still have more terrain to build & a few more figures to paint. I received 2 new distractions since my last post. One of them fits into my Texicon game. Hinterland released female Askaris. Now the players… Continue reading Preparing for Texicon – Part 4