Amazons for Piathoe’s Peaks

While making repairs around Floozy Manor, I did manage to sneak a little time to paint up a band of mounted Amazons for use with Piathoe's Peaks from Two Hour Wargames.  I've had these miniatures for a while and finally kicked myself in the rear and got a few of them painted.  The Amazons are… Continue reading Amazons for Piathoe’s Peaks

5150: Science Fiction

When Black Isn’t Black – Painting Sci-Fi

The Floozy may be a slow painter, but she paints a little each night.  This week I finished 3 science fiction figures and rebased 1 figure.  I made progress on other figures, I just didn't get them finished. Painting Black Without Black I'm painting figures and putting together terrain to play 5150: Infestation from Two Hour… Continue reading When Black Isn’t Black – Painting Sci-Fi

Colonial Era / Pulp

Amazon vs. Amazon at the Dawn of the 20th Century

Today was my birthday and that means it was time for the annual Amazon vs. Amazon battle.  This year, I played the game with a twist - instead of being set on Valkae, I chose to set the game on Colonial Lemuria in the Kingdom of Nobelongga - the year is 1900. The queen has… Continue reading Amazon vs. Amazon at the Dawn of the 20th Century

Classical Greece

RRtK for Thucydides, Part 3

Basing and/or Rebasing Before moving deeper into troop types and how to represent them on the table top, I thought I'd take a quick break and show the process I use to base figures and also how I rebase them. Sometimes, rebasing can't be avoided and sometimes new basing materials come along that inspire a… Continue reading RRtK for Thucydides, Part 3


Menalippe’s Bestiary – Nymphs

Note: This post contains photos of nude miniatures.  They aren't Barbie doll naked, they are naked naked. Nymphs are female nature deities found throughout the wilds of Talomir.  They are often the daughters of gods and mortals, but some were formed from nature herself.  Nymphs live in places of wonder: springs, caves, forest groves, and ocean… Continue reading Menalippe’s Bestiary – Nymphs

Colonial Era / Pulp

Preparing for Texicon – Part 4

Texicon is one month away! It is hard to believe that I started this project in December & still have more terrain to build & a few more figures to paint. I received 2 new distractions since my last post. One of them fits into my Texicon game. Hinterland released female Askaris. Now the players… Continue reading Preparing for Texicon – Part 4

Colonial Era / Pulp

Preparing for Texicon – Part 3

Texicon is now 70 days away. Miniature painting is well under way & will have more than enough miniatures for the game. I've completed the native village of 4 huts & have started building the jungle terrain. The one part of the hobby that I absolutely hate is assembly work. Whether miniatures with small fiddly… Continue reading Preparing for Texicon – Part 3