Fantasy Clerics & Other Folk

Clerics, the religious fanatics of the fantasy genre, are a class of characters I've never played. In fact, I rarely include them in my adventuring parties. When I do, it's only because I think I need a healer in the party. Yet, I have a bunch of them in the lead pile waiting to be… Continue reading Fantasy Clerics & Other Folk

5150: Science Fiction

The Cool Crew of the Cool Coolie

One of the great things about scenario books from Two Hour Wargames is that most of them have pre-generated characters ready for use as well as a means of generating your own characters.  When I generate the characters, I use the same process that's in the rule book and then play a few encounters with… Continue reading The Cool Crew of the Cool Coolie

5150: Science Fiction

Dwarf in Spaaacce!

Fresh off of the painting table is Patti Fink, a.k.a. "Shortcake."  She's a Net Runner by profession and 1st mate on a trader.  She's not an alien in 5150, she's a "Basic" (Basic Humanoid).The figure is from Hasslefree Miniatures.  She is a Grymn Mech pilot - HFG405 Pilot Hayden , which comes in resin and… Continue reading Dwarf in Spaaacce!