5150: Science Fiction

Going on a Lark

This was my first game of "5150: Back Alleys, Bright Lights" from Two Hour Wargames.  It is a stand alone supplement in the 5150 series of games.  This means that you can use characters, items, even rule mechanics found in other 5150 games in this game and vice versa.  You can also play this game just… Continue reading Going on a Lark

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5150: Science Fiction

A Magic Door “What If”

Lately there's been discussion on the Two Hour Wargames forum about the free supplement, "The Magic Door."  This short supplement gives players the ability to take characters from one game setting to another.  The mechanics are simple and can fit into any of the game titles from Two Hour Wargames.  Anyway, as usual, a story… Continue reading A Magic Door “What If”