Battle for the Southern Pass

  Of all of the reasons for the hostilities between Asteria and Nica, the chief reason was fear.  The Nycenaeans were fearful Asteria, with its democracy, would allow men to live freely among them, something repugnant to their Amazon sensibilities.  - Menalippe, "The History of the Valkae" Asteria is a land divided by a range… Continue reading Battle for the Southern Pass

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Menalippe’s Bestiary – The Medusa

The medusa is a particularly loathed and feared creature. There are two types, the common medusa, which appears at a distance to be a normal human woman, and the greater medusa who has the lower torso of a serpent. Both have dozens of serpents for hair, poisonous fangs, and reptilian eyes. All known medusas are… Continue reading Menalippe’s Bestiary – The Medusa


Recruiting Day – Part One

It was a cold winter morning as two young women hurried down the road. The frost crunched under their footsteps. Their breaths were clouds of steam quickly dissipating into the frigid air. A thin sliver of light appeared behind them heralding the rising sun in his chariot. Ahead of them, perhaps over the next rise,… Continue reading Recruiting Day – Part One

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Recruiting Day – Encounter Behind the Scenes

Here is a behind the scenes look at the actual game played that later becomes part of the story. A story idea percolates in the back of my head somewhere. Sometimes it percolates for a long time. The quest that Menalippe is embarking on started years ago when I first discovered a game called "Chain… Continue reading Recruiting Day – Encounter Behind the Scenes