Antiope vs Mossbane

Slip, Slip, Slidin’ Away

The winters on Valkae were mild compared to the northern lands that lay across the Kimean Sea. Yet, the blizzards in far Mirholme paled in comparison to the sheet of ice that had developed between Hippothoe and Brisia. The comradery among the eight gladiatrices from Asteria was in many ways broken. In late November, a… Continue reading Slip, Slip, Slidin’ Away


Hippothoe – Part 2

The sun was setting when the women returned to the arena. Brisia had kitchen duty so she went to the kitchen to help prepare the evening meal. The cooks were also slaves. This made Brisia think about what Calliope had said. She realized that out of the seventy people who worked or lived at the… Continue reading Hippothoe – Part 2


Hippothoe – Part 1

"She can't be serious?" asked Brisia as she stepped out of the river. Polydora handed her a towel and replied "She is serious, you can ask her yourself. She wants to fight five matches in a row come next game day." "What did Margo say?" asked Harmothoe brushing her hair. Polydora shrugged her shoulders. "She… Continue reading Hippothoe – Part 1