5150: Science Fiction, Fantasy

A Street Samurai, Support Sisters & Dwarfs

Is there a pattern to what I paint?  Well, sorta, maybe.  I have what is called in miniature gaming a "huge lead pile."  That means I've accumulated a large number of figures over the years that I just haven't painted or gamed with.  A shame, really.  I should be forced to walk naked through the… Continue reading A Street Samurai, Support Sisters & Dwarfs

5150: Science Fiction

5150: Missions – Find Encounter

I've got some time off this week, so I was able to squeeze in a game.  I decided to play an encounter from the 5150: Missions rules.  I chose this set of rules because you can play it on the tabletop or using a battle board,  there is no need for tape measures to measure… Continue reading 5150: Missions – Find Encounter

5150: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Dungeon Tiles, Painting Gnolls, and a Study in Red

This month has been a little slow, hobby-wise.  It has alternated between cold and warm and cold and hot and freezing weather here in the Dallas area, often on the same day.  The wild fluctuation in temperature has played havoc on my health.  So chalk one up for the "it sucks to get old" meme.… Continue reading Dungeon Tiles, Painting Gnolls, and a Study in Red