5150: Science Fiction

Robots, a Juve & Other By-Standers

When I'm not writing, I'm painting - unless I'm doing Floozy things, can't tell you what those are because then everyone would want to be a Floozy.  Anyway, I finished another batch of figures as I inch my way toward meeting my goal of painting 520 figures this year. Agent 117a - Docking Level 12… Continue reading Robots, a Juve & Other By-Standers

5150: Science Fiction

The Cool Crew of the Cool Coolie

One of the great things about scenario books from Two Hour Wargames is that most of them have pre-generated characters ready for use as well as a means of generating your own characters.  When I generate the characters, I use the same process that's in the rule book and then play a few encounters with… Continue reading The Cool Crew of the Cool Coolie

5150: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Painting Desk Week 1 – Fantasy & Aliens

Last week, which was last year, I set a goal to paint 520 miniatures in 2019.  Here's what came off of the painting desk this week, six fantasy figures and four science fiction figures.  Plus, I rebased two figures that had already been painted. Alexis Spellsinger First up is Alexis Spellsinger from Reaper Miniatures.  One… Continue reading Painting Desk Week 1 – Fantasy & Aliens