“Frosty” Eddie

Mr. Edward James Frost, A.K.A. “Frosty” Eddie, is a NPC (Non-Player Character) in my Star Punk Dreams campaign. He began as a chemist reverse engineering and designing generic drugs for one of the big pharmaceutical corporations, he soon left the corporate life to design his own drugs, mostly of the illicit nature. Over the years, he has built a successful syndicate in the Escondido District of Coastal City.

Frosty Eddie – Game Stats

The game character stats are from 5150: Send Lawyers, Guns & Money, but are very similar to those found in other 5150 games.

  • Star of Grunt? – Grunt, all NPCs are grunts in 5150 unless your story needs them to be enemy Stars or Co-Stars having access to some or all of the Star advantages.
  • Race? – Basic Humanoid of Terran Anglo-European Ancestry. Though the ancient Gaean settlers knew better, they retained some of the old earth racial and ethnic divisions even as they spread across the galaxy.
  • Profession? – There is only one thing which keeps Edward Frost from being considered a Shaker or Mover in society and that is the fact he controls a criminal enterprise. He is a mob boss and firmly a member of the Criminal Element.
  • Packing? – Eddie is unarmed, but is seldom seen without a bodyguard or two.
  • Attributes? – Charismatic. Don’t mistake his charisma or likeability for weakness. He pays close attention to business.
  • Reputation? – 5.
  • Skills? – People 4; Savvy 5.
  • Weapon & Armor? – None.
  • Enhancements – None.

Coastal City

The planet Jundu was carefully planned before the first settlement arrived. The continents and major island groups were named after letters of the Greek alphabet – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc.

Major cities were given descriptive names and followed by numbers if more than one city had the same description.

Thus, Coastal City’s official designation is Alpha Coastal City One.

Districts within a city, especially a large mega-city can have any name the local government wishes.

The Escondido District is an Arts and Entertainment District known for its night clubs and venues. The district’s most notable structure is the Ziggurat inspired arcology of the Equis Corporation.

Frosty Eddie – Personal Stats

To flesh out Eddie’s personality and life history, I used the Lifepath generator found in Cyberpunk 2020. This is a fun way to generate ideas for a character’s back story using dice rolls. There are dice results for financial gain; financial loss; making a friend; making an enemy; having a romantic involvement; and other life events. I’m not saying I’m a bad dice roller, but it soon became obvious Eddie has a problem keeping his pants on.

  • Name: Edward James Frost
  • Handle: Frosty Eddie
  • Age: 43
  • He comes from a family of Corporate Technicians – analysts, chemists, accountants, engineers, etc.
  • Both of his parents are alive. His mother is retired and his father is still involved in a research career. His parents are aware of some of his underworld activities, but show no concern.
  • He grew up in Terrace Heights, a Corporate Suburban district.
  • He has a younger sister who dislikes him.
  • While he is friendly and outgoing on the surface, he is also sneaky and deceptive.
  • The person he values most is himself.
  • The things he values the most are money and his reputation.
  • His most valued possession is an antique chemistry book from Gaea Prime.
  • He likes people until they cross him.
  • His teenage years were much like those of other children of working professionals. He excelled in his studies and became quite a ladies’ man. A young chemist just out of university working in his father’s laboratory became like an older brother to him. But things took a downturn when he reconnected with an old childhood friend who was a fixer of sorts providing drugs and girls to low ranking corporate executives and technicians. Eddie went in on a scam this friend was running. When the scam fell apart, the friend disappeared leaving Eddie deep in debt. At his father’s urging, Eddie set about to pay off the debt and clear his name.
  • After university, Eddie went to work as a chemist at the same firm as his father. He had a string of love affairs before finding a true love. He was ready to marry and settle down when his lover mysteriously vanished.
  • In his late twenties, Eddie and his chemist friend met an independent chemist who was designing drugs for entertainment and performance enhancement. They left their corporate jobs and became this man’s disciples learning everything about the drug business. Eddie’s increasing involvement in producing illegal drugs so angered his girlfriend, she broke up with him vowing that some day she would put him behind bars. On the contrary, Eddie made friends on the police force willing to look the other way (for a price of course).
  • At thirty-one, Eddie married the woman carrying his child. Sadly, the marriage didn’t last and she left him on his daughter’s third birthday. His friend and partner was killed leaving his share of the business and a small fortune to Eddie. Eddie bought the nightclub “Dysfunction Bimbo.” He had a string of fast affairs with fast women.
  • In his late thirties, Eddie thought he had finally found a woman he thought would be a good wife and mother for his daughter. Unfortunately this time, it was the girlfriend and not Eddie who began messing around bringing Eddie’s hopes for true love to an end. This downturn in love was erased when he made a powerful connection in city government by his fortieth birthday.
  • He has made a close friend in his club’s manager and is considering making her a partner in all of his enterprise. However, he is beginning to have some troubles with his distributors.

Frosty Eddie – the Miniature

The figure I’m using for Frosty Eddie is a 3D Printed Resin miniature. I don’t own a 3D Printer, but there are several small companies who sell resin miniatures and terrain. Prices vary, this Cyberpunk Mob Boss figure can be found priced from $3.50 to $7.99. I’ve ordered some figures from three different companies and when I receive all of them, I’ll do a comparison to see if I can discover the reason for the wide differences in price. So stay tuned!

On the whole, the figures I’ve received so far have good detail and fit well with other sci-fi figures in my collection.

The group photo has this single resin figure with figures from Reaper and Wargames Foundry.

Is 3D printing the future of table top game figures? Perhaps, especially for the more niche figures for which there may not be enough interest to justify the cost of mass production. The quality is like what you see from traditionally cast figures – some sculpts are so-so and some are excellent. What are your thoughts?

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