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Painting Desk – Week 5

Five weeks into 2019 and I've finished a few more miniatures from the massive pile of miniatures waiting to be painted.  I didn't get to paint as much.  It turned cold, not as cold as what folks experienced up north, but cold enough that the Floozy spent more time with her hands wrapped around a… Continue reading Painting Desk – Week 5

Pony Tracks
Old West

Ranald S. Mackenzie on the Texas Frontier

A Book Review I've always loved history. The past is filled with remarkable stories both triumphant and tragic. When I was in my early 20s, I wanted to be a Classical Languages teacher. Something kind of weird for West Texas, I know. But I loved Greek and Roman history (still do). Texas history, on the… Continue reading Ranald S. Mackenzie on the Texas Frontier

Old West

Fort Davis and the “Child of the Fighting Tenth”

  "I was graduated at a private school near Philadelphia the last of June 1884, when I was barely past my seventeenth birthday, and went with my parents, brother, and sister to Fort Davis, Texas, where the Regimental Headquarters of the Tenth Cavalry was then stationed. Regimental Headquarters meant having the band at our garrison.… Continue reading Fort Davis and the “Child of the Fighting Tenth”

Old West

The Indian Fight at Van Horn’s Well : An Encounter for Six Gun Sound

Part 1 - The Inspiration and History I live in one of the northern suburbs of Dallas. There are a lot of benefits to living here, both economic and social. But my heart lives out on the Llano Estacado. It is that place where the Great Plains transitions into the Chihuahuan Desert. It is where… Continue reading The Indian Fight at Van Horn’s Well : An Encounter for Six Gun Sound

Old West

Painting American Indians – Buffalo Hump

Buffalo Hump was a chief among the Penateka Comanche. He is famous for leading the Great Linnville Raid of 1840 where the Comanche raided all the way to the gulf coast in Texas. Victoria and Linnville were attacked and looted. Linnville was burned to the ground and never rebuilt. The raid was a revenge raid… Continue reading Painting American Indians – Buffalo Hump

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Six Gun Sound – Roof Top Example

Private Tom Murray deserted to join up with Frank Wilson to hunt buffalo. Unfortunately for Tom, Captain Lawton didn't like deserters & he dispatched a detail to bring Tom back. It didn't take long for the detail to find the two would-be buffalo hunters. The detail had cornered them in a livery stable at the… Continue reading Six Gun Sound – Roof Top Example