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Two Henchmen & a Chest

Here's a piece that's been in the paint queue for several years. But as you can guess, I need it in an upcoming WHAT encounter. It's the two henchmen from Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends range - 02548 Merchant & Henchmen. Though I painted the merchant some time ago, the two henchmen sat around partially… Continue reading Two Henchmen & a Chest


Lady in a Bathtub

In an episode I've written, I needed a lady in a bathtub to add interest to the miniatures I've assembled for the photos. A woman bathing has been a popular subject in art for hundreds if not thousands of years. There are several 28mm miniatures to choose from in varying degrees of nudity. I chose… Continue reading Lady in a Bathtub

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DIY Tavern Floor Tiles

I've come to believe that growing and learning is something we should endeavor to do until we draw our last breath. Why? Things change. It's often been said that change is the only constant in the universe. So, what has all of this talk about growth and change have to do with Tavern Floor Tiles?… Continue reading DIY Tavern Floor Tiles

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Mid-Summer Madness – Session 11

The second unit is finished! I worked on the project 2.5 hours today. I finished the 12 figure Spears of the Winged Skull. I have now finished 24 models. I also applied the zenithal highlight to the third unit. I've spent a total of 33.5 hours on the project. I corrected mistakes, painted details and… Continue reading Mid-Summer Madness – Session 11