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Mid-Summer Madness – Session 3

Today I finished assembling all of the infantry and three flyers. Some of the fliers are missing parts of their wings, but instead of taking time to look for them in the bits boxes (yeah, I got bits scattered everywhere), I decided to start painting a unit of infantry. In the game Warrior Heroes Warbands… Continue reading Mid-Summer Madness – Session 3

5150: Science Fiction, Colonial Era / Pulp, Miscellaneous

Stuck on Stucco

While waiting for paint to dry, literally when using a glaze technique you need to let the paint completely dry before applying the next coat (unless you want to blend colors & that's a whole other subject) - back on topic - whenever I reach a point in miniature painting or any other task when… Continue reading Stuck on Stucco

5150: Science Fiction, Miscellaneous, World War II - NUTS!

Something Concrete

It's been too long since I've posted to the blog. I've spent the last week in February and most of this month on a couple of painting commissions. I don't do commission work very often, and I think this will be the last time I'll do a 15mm commission. (I'm really not very good at… Continue reading Something Concrete


The Painting Table – End of September

I know it isn't quite the end of September, but looking at the figures in my paint queue, I won't finish anything else until some time in October. I managed to complete 64 figures & 3 pieces of terrain this month (counting the bunker & the trench). Rhaine, Rogue This is a lovely figure from… Continue reading The Painting Table – End of September