Where Are Piathoe’s Peaks?

With the launch of Talomir Tales - Piathoe's Peaks, some of you may be wondering where are Piathoe's Peaks?  Piathoe's Peaks is one of three mountain ranges on the island of Valkae, home of the Amazons.  The largest mountain range is the Slumbering Dragons, a large impassable range of mountains that run east to west… Continue reading Where Are Piathoe’s Peaks?


Battle for the Southern Pass

  Of all of the reasons for the hostilities between Asteria and Nica, the chief reason was fear.  The Nycenaeans were fearful Asteria, with its democracy, would allow men to live freely among them, something repugnant to their Amazon sensibilities.  - Menalippe, "The History of the Valkae" Asteria is a land divided by a range… Continue reading Battle for the Southern Pass


Night Before Battle

The Nycenaean Camp "General Callidora, ma'am," said the young adjutant entering the tent. "Yes, Leto, what do you report?" "The spies have returned from the Asterian camp.  They were not expecting us this far south.  Their army is smaller than ours, they have fewer heavy infantry and most of it is unarmored.  The enemy has… Continue reading Night Before Battle


Menalippe’s Bestiary – Nymphs

Note: This post contains photos of nude miniatures.  They aren't Barbie doll naked, they are naked naked. Nymphs are female nature deities found throughout the wilds of Talomir.  They are often the daughters of gods and mortals, but some were formed from nature herself.  Nymphs live in places of wonder: springs, caves, forest groves, and ocean… Continue reading Menalippe’s Bestiary – Nymphs

amazon hoplite

Revolt of the Ant People

According to legend, the ant people, or Mrymidons, are descended from one of the old gods who had taken the form of an ant to enter the bed chamber of a princess. They originally inhabited the southern plain of Nycenae. Two hundred years ago, the Valkae Amazons had subjugated the Mrymidons. The Mrymidons left the… Continue reading Revolt of the Ant People

Antiope vs Mossbane

Slip, Slip, Slidin’ Away

The winters on Valkae were mild compared to the northern lands that lay across the Kimean Sea. Yet, the blizzards in far Mirholme paled in comparison to the sheet of ice that had developed between Hippothoe and Brisia. The comradery among the eight gladiatrices from Asteria was in many ways broken. In late November, a… Continue reading Slip, Slip, Slidin’ Away


Recruiting Day – Part One

It was a cold winter morning as two young women hurried down the road. The frost crunched under their footsteps. Their breaths were clouds of steam quickly dissipating into the frigid air. A thin sliver of light appeared behind them heralding the rising sun in his chariot. Ahead of them, perhaps over the next rise,… Continue reading Recruiting Day – Part One