A Band of Dark Elves

At MilleniumCon 2009, a bunch of guys from LSHMS (Lone Star Historical Miniatures Society) had a table in the dealer area where they were selling items other members wanted to get rid of, they were kind of running a flea market before the actual flea market day of the convention. Anyway, they had a big… Continue reading A Band of Dark Elves


Fantasy Clerics & Other Folk

Clerics, the religious fanatics of the fantasy genre, are a class of characters I've never played. In fact, I rarely include them in my adventuring parties. When I do, it's only because I think I need a healer in the party. Yet, I have a bunch of them in the lead pile waiting to be… Continue reading Fantasy Clerics & Other Folk

5150: Science Fiction, Colonial Era / Pulp, Fantasy, Old West

Partisans, Bar Flies & Other Folk

Well, I finally finished the Bolshevik Partisans and a few other miniatures as well. I'm moving closer to that goal, but with only three months left, will I make it? Probably, not - but it's going to be fun to try. Bolshevik Partisans The partisans are from Copplestone Castings' Back of Beyond range. I purchased… Continue reading Partisans, Bar Flies & Other Folk

Colonial Era / Pulp, Fantasy

Colonial Marines, Slavers, Dragon Born & a Fly Demon

I know it has been a while since I've done a post about miniatures leaving the lead pile to enter the ranks with their painted comrades. This week sees the completion of some French Colonial Marines, Arab Slavers, a Dragon Born warrior and a Fly Demon. French Colonial Marines First, let me begin by saying… Continue reading Colonial Marines, Slavers, Dragon Born & a Fly Demon


Who is Caranath Bloodblade?

Games Workshop only gave names to major characters in its Warhammer games, so I was surprised when I came across a 1986 flyer advertising Dark Elf Night Assassins where all of the miniatures have names - names that didn't appear in the army book published about 10 years later. This past week I painted six… Continue reading Who is Caranath Bloodblade?


How to Play Swordplay 2018 – Part 2

Starting the Game Well, you've created your Star Character and recruited your group of Grunts who are NPCs, nonplayer characters.  This means the game mechanics will govern their actions and that they may not always perform as expected.  You've read the rules on Action, Spell Casting, Shooting and Melee.  You are ready to start the… Continue reading How to Play Swordplay 2018 – Part 2


How to Play Swordplay 2018 – Part 1

What is Swordplay 2018? Swordplay 2018 is a free set of rules from Two Hour Wargames.  It is a type or role playing game, RPG, that is sometimes called an "immersive game" or "RPG-lite" game because it has a lesser focus on bookkeeping, the tracking of minute details that can slow a game down.  These… Continue reading How to Play Swordplay 2018 – Part 1