Shadow Sisters & Skeletal Undead

In addition to painting a batch of Sci-Fi figures this week, I finished some fantasy figures as well.  They are all from Reaper Miniatures and all have been sitting in the painting queue, which gamers call "the lead pile" for several years.  Well, I'm doing my best to reduce that pile. First a little teensy-weensy… Continue reading Shadow Sisters & Skeletal Undead


Kassandra and Onastaa

Turning away from the Old West, I managed to finish two fantasy figures this week.  Both are from Reaper Miniatures, but from different ranges. Onastaa Onastaa is of course, a caster.  She is from Reaper's Dark Heaven range.  She was sculpted by Sandra Garrity in either the late 1990s or early 2000s.  The figure is… Continue reading Kassandra and Onastaa

5150: Science Fiction, Fantasy

A Street Samurai, Support Sisters & Dwarfs

Is there a pattern to what I paint?  Well, sorta, maybe.  I have what is called in miniature gaming a "huge lead pile."  That means I've accumulated a large number of figures over the years that I just haven't painted or gamed with.  A shame, really.  I should be forced to walk naked through the… Continue reading A Street Samurai, Support Sisters & Dwarfs

Fantasy, Old West

Painting Desk – Week 3

What happened to week 2?  Well, when we left the painting desk at the end of week 1, I had 30 goblins on the desk.  I was going to speed paint goblins and get ahead in the mini count.  Turned out that I couldn't get inspired to paint them.  I got them all primed &… Continue reading Painting Desk – Week 3

5150: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Painting Desk Week 1 – Fantasy & Aliens

Last week, which was last year, I set a goal to paint 520 miniatures in 2019.  Here's what came off of the painting desk this week, six fantasy figures and four science fiction figures.  Plus, I rebased two figures that had already been painted. Alexis Spellsinger First up is Alexis Spellsinger from Reaper Miniatures.  One… Continue reading Painting Desk Week 1 – Fantasy & Aliens


A Sacrificial Altar

When I began this hobby, we were into mass fantasy combat.  Terrain consisted of a sheet spray painted green and brown, a hill or two, a few trees, and a cardboard building to block line of sight.  The rules we used seldom required more than three pieces of terrain.  Today, I play more skirmish level… Continue reading A Sacrificial Altar


Talomir Tales Gnolls for Piathoe’s Peaks

Gnolls Gnolls are large humanoid creatures resembling hyenas.  In some parts of Talomir they are known as Hyenafolk.  These creatures form packs and are seldom found alone.  Packs typically range in size from 10 to 30, though larger packs, often called "tribes" have been known to be as large as 100 members. They are known… Continue reading Talomir Tales Gnolls for Piathoe’s Peaks


Amazons for Piathoe’s Peaks

While making repairs around Floozy Manor, I did manage to sneak a little time to paint up a band of mounted Amazons for use with Piathoe's Peaks from Two Hour Wargames.  I've had these miniatures for a while and finally kicked myself in the rear and got a few of them painted.  The Amazons are… Continue reading Amazons for Piathoe’s Peaks


Where Are Piathoe’s Peaks?

With the launch of Talomir Tales - Piathoe's Peaks, some of you may be wondering where are Piathoe's Peaks?  Piathoe's Peaks is one of three mountain ranges on the island of Valkae, home of the Amazons.  The largest mountain range is the Slumbering Dragons, a large impassable range of mountains that run east to west… Continue reading Where Are Piathoe’s Peaks?