Star Punk Dreams: The Sex Party

Sleeping Dragon, Episode 1 – NSFW

*Note: This episode was generated from a Chillin’ Encounter from the 5150 New Beginnings rule set published by Two Hour Wargames. The actual game encounter took about fifteen minutes to play, including the time to create characters. It involved my Star, interaction with an NPC with favorable results and a job offer from another NPC. Then my imagination took over.

In this first episode, we meet a new character – Minji Cho, properly Cho Min-Ji also known as Dakkaebi, “the goblin.” She is a systems expert for Pinnacle Dynamics, for now. Soon, she will cross a line and become a Net Runner. It takes place on the heavily populated planet of Jundu in the mega-city of Tanju. To be more exact it takes place at a swanky private club in Gannaft Heights called PssyLck. Tonight, is Friday night, a night when select non-members are invited for an evening of “entertainment.” It is the nature of the entertainment that has earned this episode a NSFW (Not Safe for Work) rating.

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“I’m so glad you came with me, Minji.” said Denise as she touched up her lipstick “I’ve been wanting to come here for a long time. I’m a little nervous with excitement.”

“Yeah, just remember you’re buying the drinks at happy hour next week.” said Minji peering into the same dressing mirror as her friend. Minji was tying a simple black mask across her eyes. Denise was wearing a red mask trimmed with black feathers.

“What do you think, does the lipstick match?” Denise asked. Denise had chosen to wear a red lace bra and panty set with red heels to match her lipstick color and the mask.

Minji started to tease her friend that the ensemble would be perfect if Denise were a redhead instead of a blonde, but her friend was nervous enough. “You look wonderfully delectable.” she said, “You wouldn’t ever guess this was your first sex party.”

Denise blushed. “You’ve been to one, haven’t you?” she asked.

“Greg, in data security took me to one, once. That is, Greg called it a sex party, it wasn’t in a place as nice as this. This place boggles the imagination, an entire Brownstone in upscale Gannaft Heights. Greg’s party was in a three-bedroom apartment with nothing but horny naked ugly men drinking beer. I had to attend two psych sessions afterwards – one about how I felt about being there and the second as to why I didn’t partake in any sex.” Minji replied.

“I’m sorry, I forgot you have to attend mandatory psychological evaluations.” said Denise. “But, don’t worry, I’ve heard this place has as many horny naked women as horny naked men. You look ravishing in that sheer black chemise and black panties?”

Minji replied, “Look, if a man doesn’t know how to remove a woman’s panties, he isn’t worth the time.”

Leaving the changing room, Denise and Minji were greeted by the hostess. She was a tall redhead dressed in black leather bondage gear. “You two look amazingly charming. I’m sure neither one of you will leave unsatisfied. Just remember, ‘consent’ is the key word here – there is no touching without consent. Also, you must remain masked, you may completely disrobe, but the mask stays on. Now, mingle and enjoy yourselves.”

They each took a flute of champagne from a tray offered by a waiter wearing only a mask and a thong. While sipping her champagne, Minji noticed the guests and members were all fit and well-behaved. The rooms were painted a warm dark red, almost brown, the color was passionate and comforting. The foyer and changing room had been done in a calming green. The surroundings were posh telling her these people had money. They were soon approached by two men in expensive suits and simple masks complimenting neat haircuts. One of the men asked Denise, “Would you like to dance?”

Denise looked at Minji. “Go ahead, I’ll take your glass. Have fun.” said Minji. Minji looked at the other man and handed him Denise’s glass. “Here, go do something with that.” she said, smiling as she turned away from the surprised man.

Minji explored the club moving from room to room. One room was set as a formal living room with couches and overstuffed chairs. The walls held original paintings, mostly still lifes and landscapes. There was a card table where people were playing a form of bridge. The couches were filled with couples in various stages of undress making out and fondling one another. One couple was making love in one of the chairs.

The next room was more of a game room with a large screen entertainment system showing porn, but no one seemed to be watching. Again, the couch was filled with amorous couples and there was another card table packed with people playing strip poker, which seemed to be an extremely popular game. The pot in the center of the table had a curious mix of poker chips and undergarments. The rest of the room was taken up by a full bar. As with most parties, wine and champagne were complimentary, but hard liquor was cash only. Which made Minji wonder where naked people carried their money? Then she realized the bartenders used a type of honor system keeping tabs and people would settle up when they left the party.

Every time she saw a man approaching, Minji moved to another room. She was not in the mood, at least not yet. She entered the kitchen next where the wait staff were preparing the drinks. They were all dressed alike, black masks and black thongs, even the women, who were quite topless. She helped herself to another glass of champagne. There were lovers even in the kitchen. One woman was bent over a table moaning with ecstasy.

The other sex party she had been to didn’t hold a candle to this place. The place Greg took her had at least five men for every woman and consisted of a couch, three bedrooms and a keg. Here, there seemed more of a balance in the man to woman ratio and the bubbly was quite tasty.

There was a large bathroom with a sunken hot tub filled with people enjoying each other’s company. The club was certainly a place for fetishes of all kinds, it was the first time she had witnessed a couple copulating on a toilet.

The only room on the first floor without blatant sex was the small ballroom where people were dancing to music from a jazz quartet while a DJ was setting up his equipment. Denise was still dancing with the same man and seemed to be having a good time. Minji continued her exploration of the club by ascending the stairs to the second floor.

While the walls were painted the almost the same color, the red tone was brighter and the artwork on this floor was tastefully erotic. The first room she encountered on the second floor had two sex swings with a woman strapped into each one. On the wall was a rack holding various riding crops, ticklers and sex toys. One of the women was laughing uncontrollably while being tickled with a feather.

The next room was called the BDSM room. It had a pillory in which a man was imprisoned while two women spanked his naked buttocks There was a saltire where another naked man was chained. A woman in a black leather corset poured hot wax onto his skin. There were eight to ten submissives on hands and knees wearing collars while their dom masters and mistresses held the leashes.

“They look as though they’re having fun.” said a voice behind her. Minji jumped. A man in a tuxedo with a black tie and white mask stood next to her with his arm stretched across the doorway. “Sorry, if I startled you, I’m Liam.” he said.

Minji replied, “I’m Trinity Harris.”

“Trinity Harris? Amazing, I’ve attended several of your concerts, and now, here you are in person. How do you do it? On stage you’re a black woman and here, you’re an Asian girl with fair skin.”

Minji blushed. “Ok, so I’m not really Trinity Harris.” He looked at her in way that made it obvious she wasn’t going to get away without telling him her name. “I’m known as Dakkaebi.” she said slipping under his arm. She sought refuge in another room, a drawing room where several women were reposing.

In this room, the walls shifted from red to pink. On the far wall hung a mosaic of an ancient woman with the label “Sappho of Lesbos.”

“My goodness, such perfection.” said an older woman. “Come here child and tell me why you haven’t yet been claimed. There’s no lack of handsome men here.” She was wearing a strapless gown, had platinum hair and held her arms open.

There was something comforting about the gesture. Minji sat next to the woman. Just as the woman was about to hug her, she halted, “I’m sorry, I almost forgot, is it alright if I touch you?” she asked.

Minji replied, “Of course, Ms.?”

“Call me Ms. Tatterpants, not my real name of course, but it will suffice tonight.” she said. Ms. Tatterpants’ perfume was intoxicating, the eyes behind the green feathered mask were also green. Minji could also see little lines at the corners of her eyes and mouth. Her hug made Minji feel at ease.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just haven’t been into men lately. I’m just not in the mood for them.” said Minji.

“I understand, men can be so troubling at times.” said Ms. Tatterpants pulling Minji closer. Minji realized what was coming next, she leaned in closing her eyes as Ms. Tatterpants kissed her full on the lips.

They kissed and held one another. Minji’s mind was racing, on one level she felt what she was doing was somehow wrong, against what she had been taught, but it felt so right. She surrendered to the passion and started to relax when Ms. Tatterpants traced a finger around her nipple sending shudders down her spine. She cupped Minji’s breast and gave it a gentle squeeze as their tongues intertwined. Minji tingled and moaned softly as Ms. Tatterpants began a gentle milking motion. Minji felt chills and heat throughout her body. Then Ms. Tatterpants traced her hand along the curves of Minji’s body to rest on her hip. Her hand didn’t rest on Minji’s hip for long as it slid along her thigh and then began raising Minji’s chemise. When the hem of the chemise passed Minji’s knees, Ms. Tatterpants deftly moved her hand to Minji’s inner thigh. Soon the hand was resting on her mound, fingers tracing the pattern Minji had shaved there. Minji gasped and spread her legs as Ms. Tatterpants’ fingers slid into the clef of Venus.

After her first climax, Ms. Tatterpants took Minji by the hand and led her to one of the bedrooms. It was early in the morning when Minji left Ms. Tatterpants’ embrace and sat up. She was covered in sweat and her skin chilled. “Will I ever see you again?” she asked while picking up her panties and chemise from the floor.

“Would you really want to, dear? The whole purpose of this club is anonymity.” replied Ms. Tatterpants. “If you insist, there are thank you notes in the changing room, put your contact information in an envelope addressed to me and we shall see.” Ms. Tatterpants rose from the bed and slipped back into the strapless gown. “Would you be a dear and zip me up?” she asked. Minji smiled and zipped the dress taking in the bouquet of Ms. Tatterpants’ intoxicating perfume again, this time enhanced with the smell of their love making. As Minji dressed, Ms. Tatterpants left the bedroom. She passed Liam on the way out and gave him a smile as to say “I scored and you didn’t.”

Liam clapped and said, “If you are through, I’d like to speak with you.”

Irritated Minji asked, “Did you watch?”

“Oh, no,” he replied, “I know better than to watch when mother is with one of her conquests.”

“Mother? I don’t believe it.” said Minji.

“What, that she is my mother?” he asked.

“No, I don’t believe you even have a mother.” she said.

“Ouch.” he replied. “The evening’s activities aside, I need to talk to you, that is if you are really Dakkaebi.”

“It’s who I am, what of it?” she asked.

“I’ve heard you are one of the best.” he replied.

Puzzled, Minji asked, “Best what?”

“If you are Dakkaebi, the goblin, then you have that rare ability to enter any cloud, any network, any system, circumvent any security protocol undetected while taking closely guarded secrets.” he said.

“Hmpth, where did you hear something silly like that?” she said with a derisive laugh.

“Oh, from some of the best Net Runners I’ve worked with to begin with. When I heard you call yourself Dakkaebi, I did a little research. Though it seems you’re much younger that I thought someone with your skills would be.” he said.

“So, I’m smarter than you, what does that have to do with me?” she asked.

“I’d like to hire you for a job.” he said.

“I have a job.” she said putting on her heels and standing up.

It was his turn to laugh. “Your mega-corp pays you a pittance of what you’re worth. What do they have on you that makes you so loyal to them? Think about it and let me know next week.” he said.

“Next week? What makes you think you’ll see me next week?” she asked.

He smiled and said, “Because you’re infatuated with my mother.”

Denise was waiting for Minji in the changing room, she was already dressed in her street clothes. “How are you doing? Did the party meet your expectations?” Minji asked.

“It was wonderful, we danced until midnight and then joined another couple in one of the bedrooms. It was the first time for a lot of things.” said Denise. “There’s a shower if you want to freshen up before leaving.”

Minji untied her mask and shimmied out of the chemise. “That’s ok, I’ll shower when we get back to the arcology.”

“How was your evening, Minji?” Denise asked while Minji opened the locker they had shared.

“I met a guy who was full of himself, brushed him off. Then I had a first of my own, I met a woman who literally turned me inside out making me question my sexual orientation. I didn’t know it was possible to climax so many times in one night. And the guy I brushed off showed up again – turns out the woman who took my breath away is his mother.” she said pulling her clothes out of the locker.

Denise laughed, “That had to be awkward.”

Minji pulled a striped green and white sweater over her head and shook her hair free from the collar. She looked in the mirror and combed her fingers through her hair. “I don’t care, it’s his problem I have the hots for his mom and not him.”

“Will you see her again?” Denise asked watching Minji pull up a pair of leggings.

“I don’t know. She said the club was for anonymous casual sex, not for forming relationships. She said to leave her a note and maybe I could be invited back.” Minji said slipping on a pair of stylish flats. She picked up her heels, the chemise, the bra she didn’t bother putting on and placed them in her bag. She took one last look in the mirror and turned to leave.

“Aren’t you going to write the note? If you liked the time you spent with her, it’s worth a shot.” said Denise using her head to point to the table with the stationary.

“No,” said Minji reaching for the door knob. Then she paused and sighed, “Oh, shit, what am I doing?” she asked while turning and then taking a seat at the small table. She wrote the note including her contact information, sealed it in an envelope and used her best handwriting to address the note to Ms. Tatterpants before placing it in a bowl filled with numerous other notes.

When she got back to her small apartment at the Pinnacle Dynamics arcology, she slipped off her shoes and laid on the bed to catch up on sleep. But she couldn’t sleep, Ms. Tatterpants’ intoxicating perfume and caresses swam in both mind and senses. When she realized she’d started fingering herself, she shook the desire to masturbate and took a shower.

She had a portable cyberdeck the size of her phone, interface gloves and virtual reality visor. She didn’t need neural plugs or jacks – years ago when she was in a coma, a wireless neural interface was installed in her brain. The interface was credited for bringing her out of the coma. Minji thought about going down to her office and use her couch interface, but decided she didn’t want to use her work couch for personal research. She donned her gear and lay on her bed. She took a deep breath and then dived.

The membership system of the PssyLck club was every bit as secure as that of the Planetary Defense Force. Only a few could breach it – Minji smiled, she was one of the few. Out of curiosity, Minji decided to use the program’s VR construct. The construct began with her standing in the club’s foyer while two bouncers checked her for STDs and other infectious diseases, just as they had scanned her and Denise in real life. Content she wasn’t carrying any viruses or data bombs, the bouncers allowed her to proceed. She entered the next layer of the construct and found herself standing naked in front of a corseted dominatrix in stiletto heeled boots holding a cat-o-nine-tails, this is where the construct deviated from real life as Denise and Minji only had to show the bouncers their invitations to be let in. Light glinted off of the bits of razor and small barbed fishhooks embedded in the tip of each tail. She snapped the whip and ordered “Well, you had better know what to do.” Anyone who didn’t know what to do would be shredded and the pain inflicted in the construct would be felt in the real world. Knowing what to do was hidden in plain sight, the club’s name, PssyLck. Minji dropped to all fours and crawled obediently in between the dominatrix’s legs and looked up. Here, one had to know the proper sequence in licking. Minji smiled to herself, before last night she didn’t have any experience in how to do this. The key to the sequence was knowing when to tongue the asshole. When Minji completed the sequence, she was rewarded with a mouthful of sweet tasting cum and she was in the system. Once she was in, she discovered a member could pay for an alternate entrance if cunnilingus wasn’t his or her fetish. For a price you could enter the system with only a kiss – of course depending on the amount spent, the kiss could be on the cheek or the sole of her boot. Though the VR construct had been entertaining, Minji would bypass the VR the next time using only code blocks to get into the system, well assembled code blocks were faster.

In no time, she discovered Liam was really Clark Thomson. Cross-referencing various underworld sites, she discovered his handle was “Golden Tailor” and had a reputation for assembling and leading teams of operatives. It looked as though his job offer might be legitimate. Before logging out, she dove into the PssyLck membership system one more time and found Ms. Tatterpants was Carol Thomson. For no rational reason, Minji checked Carol Thomson’s marital status – divorced.

Monday morning was spent in the interface couch running tests on the security systems of the various subsidiaries of Pinnacle Dynamics. Right before the mid-morning break, she received a message chime. She knew the contents of the message before she even opened it – she was to report to Human Resources for a psych evaluation after lunch. She hated the evaluations, she was the only one in her department who had to take them, she was also the only one in her department who had spent four years in a coma and had no memory of her past.

Whereas the office floor was a sterile white, the walls of the psychology floor were painted mauve, supposedly to set people at ease. Dr. Yasmin Robinson was the psychologist doing the evaluation today. She was a petite slender woman with olive skin and dark curly hair. “So, according to security, we left the arcology this weekend, where did we go?”

Minji wanted to say “we” didn’t go anywhere but knew from past experiences to not be hostile with the shrinks. “I went to a party with a co-worker Friday evening, the party didn’t end until Saturday morning and then we both returned to the arcology after taking lunch at a bistro.”

“Oh, where was the party and why did it last so long?” Dr. Robinson asked.

Minji smiled and said, “It was at a private club, one with no vowels in the name,” Minji spelled out PssyLck and added, “we had invitations, you know, a sex party.”

“SEX party?” asked Dr. Robinson as if sex was something taboo. “And did you have sex with a man or men?”

“No, no sex with men, however I had the best sex ever with a woman.” said Minji.

“You’re not just saying that to get a reaction, are you?” the doctor asked.

Minji smiled, “I should, just to throw you people off, but I really did have sex with a woman, and I liked it. Does that automatically make me a lesbian?”

“Hmmm,” said Dr. Robinson. “In our notes we’ve been concerned about your lack of relationships with men. If perhaps you are bi-curious or even lesbian, that would explain much of your behavior toward men. But to answer your question, one evening with a person of the same gender does not mean you are a lesbian.”

“Speaking of being curious, I was wondering if I could leave the company for employment elsewhere? I mean Pinnacle Dynamics doesn’t own me, do they?” asked Minji.

“Yes and no.” replied Dr. Robinson. “You are certainly a free person and entitled to leave Pinnacle Dynamics at any time. However, you possess intellectual property and access to sensitive corporate secrets, the company will want those before you leave. In your case, an electro-chemical lobotomy would be necessary.”

Horrified, Minji asked, “A brain wipe? Are you serious? Most people that get those are left as babbling idiots. I thought the state only did that to criminals.”

“Nevertheless, it is a requirement for those in positions such as yours. Think of it as a ‘fair’ price to pay for an amicable departure from Pinnacle Dynamics.” said Dr. Robinson with a hint of glee in her voice.

“They might as well sterilize me as well.” Minji commented.

“That has been discussed and taken under advisement by upper management.” said the doctor. “I’ll have to report your desire to leave to the HR management group and internal security.”

“What? I was just curious. I have no intention of leaving.” said Minji.

“Nevertheless, (the doctor seemed fond of that word) we’ll be monitoring you more closely for a while.” she said.

By Wednesday, Minji was already tired of being followed around by internal security officers. It was even more obvious than usual her mail was being examined before she received it. Then, it arrived, an invitation to PssyLck for the upcoming Friday. She only had a few days in which to make a decision.

When Minji decided to go, she couldn’t take Denise with her this time, even though the experience had meant so much to her, so she did the next best thing, Minji dived into the club’s system again and added Denise’s name to the rotating guest list.

Friday evening could not have come soon enough. Minji emerged from the changing room wearing her most daring costume ever, in addition to the simple black mask and black heels, she wore high-cut black sequined panties and a pair of tasseled black sequined pasties. Heads turned.

She spotted Clark Thomson, “Liam,” in the formal living room. He smiled broadly as she approached. “Ah, Dakkaebi, I was hoping you would show tonight.”

“So, are you Clark, Superman’s Clark Kent?” she asked with emphasis on “Clark” to let him know she knew who he was.

“Please, just simply Liam, I have no super powers.” he replied with a laugh.

“We need to talk.” she said.

“You look the epitome of an Asian goddess. May I touch you as we dance?” he asked and then whispered, “Not here, say you’ll dance with me.” He offered his arm.

“I’d be most delighted if you would.” she said taking his arm as he led her to the ballroom, where she heard Latin music.

Clark pressed her body against his as the band began playing. She laughed and said “I should have worn rhumba panties.” She felt his hand slide lower on her back.

“You said you wanted to talk.” he said.

“Yes, you know I checked up on you. Is your offer to work with you for real, or am I being set up to be kidknapped?” she asked.

“We use the term ‘forced recruitment’ instead of ‘kidnap’. Believe me, there are corporations that would pay big money to have you working for them. Many of them would treat you better than Pinnacle Dynamics.” he said. “Don’t look surprised, we checked up on you as well. Despite you being worth a small fortune, I have a job where I need the absolute best and even with the best it’s going to be dangerous.”

“You should know I was followed here.” she said. “I slipped up in a psych session and asked the shrink what would happen if I left the company, security has been hovering over me ever since.”

“It never ceases to amaze me why smart people do dumb things.” he said. “When you leave here tomorrow morning, there’s a cafe with outdoor seating, Yum Yum Bistro -“

“Yes, my friend and I ate there last week.” she interrupted.

“Two of the team will meet you and give you the details. Pretend to reject the offer, it will buy you a little breathing room from your security.” he said.

She asked, “I’ll be here until tomorrow morning?”

He pulled her even closer and moved his hands to her buttocks giving them a firm squeeze as he kissed her neck. “You know you drive men crazy. But go upstairs and say your goodbyes to mother, she’s mad at you and it may be quite some time before you see her again.” he whispered.

Clark Thomson left Minji on the dance floor with the pretense of going for drinks. Minji quickly went up the stairs into the drawing room. Carol Thomson was there, but turned away when she saw Minji. Minji walked up behind Carol and whispered “Remember me? May I touch you?”

Carol turned around and said “I’m mad at you, young lady. This all started because you gave my son your real name – I mean handle. My son has told me you intruded into my private life. Just how much did you discover?”

Minji felt ashamed, she looked down at the floor and said, “I only learned your name and your marital status, it was all I was interested in. I’m sorry.”

Carol berated Minji, “Marital status? Girl, this is a sex club, an orgy house – marital status means nothing.” Minji blushed. Carol’s eyes grew wide with understanding. “You silly girl, you’re dreaming of a relationship?”

Minji nodded and said, “Yes, I’m sorry. After last week, I just had to be with you, for more.” Her voice trailed off as she began to tear up.

“Don’t cry, give Ms. Rubyfruit a hug. How can I be mad at someone who’s so clueless?” Carol asked.

“Ms. Rubyfruit?” Minji asked in response.

“Yes, I’m Ms. Rubyfruit tonight.” whispered Carol kissing away the tears, “I can’t stay mad at you, come, lie with me.”

Minji rolled over and looked at the clock on the night stand, she would have to leave soon, She sighed and rolled back into Carol’s arms giving her a kiss. “What is it, Dakkaebi?” Carol asked.

“Caro – I mean Ms. Rubyfruit, is this love? I’ve never felt this way before. I think I love you.” said Minji.

Carol chuckled, “Perhaps it is love, maybe. It’s been a long time since someone told me they loved me without wanting my money. You’ve never been in love before?” she asked.

“No, I don’t think so. I was in a coma for four years. I have no family, no memory of anything before I awoke. I knew things, I even knew four languages, but I couldn’t talk. I understand cyberspace as if I lived my entire life there, but I’m so unsure about what I’m feeling now, how you make me feel. And it hurts to know I won’t see you again.” said Minji.

“You were in a coma for four years?” Ms. Rubyfruit asked.

“Yes, I was found in the rubble of the Aupex arcology in Searu, I am one of the few survivors.” replied Minji.

Ms. Rubyfruit nodded her head in understanding. “I remember something about that, it was a nuclear explosion from inside the arcology. No one knows the cause and the whole city of Searu was evacuated and resettled. It will be decades before anyone can return to the area.” Carol held Minji tight and said, “I hope you’ll see me again, but it will be some time before that is possible.” Carol sat up as Minji climbed out of bed. Minji slipped on her panties and heels. Then she picked up the sequined pasties.

“Here keep these to remember me by.” she said handing Carol the pasties.

“I’ll treasure them. And, Dakkaebi, be careful, my son has lost many fine people, he does such dangerous work. And if it helps, though I’m old enough to know better, I may be falling in love as well.”

Dressed in sensible street clothes, Minji made her way to the bistro. She was delighted to find “eggs in hell” on the menu and ordered it with a blood orange soju screwdriver. When the food arrived, a man and a woman, both in black and wearing dark sunglasses, sat down at her table. Looking at her food, the woman began speaking to her in Korean. “That looks good, but no rice?” she asked.

“They serve it with sourdough toast.” replied Minji in Korean, “But you are probably right, it would be better with rice. Why are we speaking Korean?”

“Ah, because there’s a slight chance your followers might understand Chinese.” she said nodding toward two men seated across the patio. “I am Kim Yoon-Mi, Lucy Kim to English speakers. You are the ‘goblin’?” Minji nodded and Lucy Kim switched to English, “This big fellow is Jason, his handle is ‘Ox’. I call him ‘Babe’ after the blue ox in the stories.” Ox just stared at Minji without saying a word. Minji noticed that even though Ox was dressed in all black, his earbuds were white.

“Pleased to meet you both.” said Minji.

Switching back to Korean, Lucy said “Pay close attention to what I say in Korean, but disagree with what I say in English.” she said as she switched to English, “So, have you reached a decision? Will you work for us?”

“I appreciate the offer, but I can’t. To leave my company they will require a brain wipe, it’s not worth it.” Minji said.

In Korean, Lucy said, “Your extraction is set. Are you sure you want to do this? Don’t anwer, just nod.” Minji nodded. Then in English Lucy said, “Companies always scare people with brain wipes, if we can recover most of what they wipe, we win. If we can’t, we pay you two hundred fifty thousand wuan for your troubles.”

Minji remembered to shake her head, “No, deal. It’s too risky for what your company pays.” she said in English, switching to Korean she asked, “When, I need to pack.”

Ox pounded the table attracting everyone’s attention, while Lucy pulled a baggie out of her coat pocket containing a white rag. “Sky is clear, eyes closed.” he said.

Minji looked puzzled and asked, “What do you mean?”

“We’ll double what Pinnacle pays you, last offer, last chance.” said Lucy opening the baggie and pulling out the rag, then in Korean she said, “He meant a surveillance drone has been shot down and security cameras are off-line. There’s no need to pack – we’re kidnapping you, now.” She quickly leapt to her feet grabbing Minji by the shoulders from behind holding the rag over Minji’s mouth and nose.

Chloroform doesn’t act instantly as in the movies. Minji struggled against Lucy, but Lucy was much stronger. She watched the two security officers from Pinnacle rise from their table. She heard Lucy shout “Ox.” Ox pulled a pistol with silencer attached. Her vision was blurry from the chloroform fumes, but she looked on in horror as Ox gunned down the two men. When she could no longer struggle against Lucy, she slumped in her chair. In her last minutes of consciousness, she watched Ox pick up her fork and finish eating her eggs. As her eyes began to close, he smiled and picked up the soju screwdriver, “Very trendy, soju instead of vodka.” he said.

When Minji was able to open her eyes, she found herself on a bed in a nondescript motel room. Lucy Kim leaned over and lifted Minji’s brow opening her left eye wider. Watching Minji’s eye try to focus, Lucy said, “Hey, I think the girl genius is awake.” She put a damp cloth on Minji’s forehead and said “Don’t try to get up.”

Minji sat up anyway and immediately put a hand on her forehead feeling the jolt of a headache.

“Warned ya’.” said Lucy.

“You killed those men!” said Minji.

“Nah, just shot them.” said Jason. “They’ll live.”

“How are you feeling?” asked Clark.

Minji’s face flushed with anger, “You, you kidnapped me after all!”

“Well, yes and no. We can’t let Pinnacle know you left voluntarily, or they would hunt us down. If you were kidnapped, they would wait for a ransom note and when there would be no notice, they would spend some time trying to figure out which of their competitors ‘recruited’ you. They might not even come after us. Anyway, it gives us time to get away.” said Clark.

“But you shot those men!”

“That’s not all we did, we also took out a surveillance drone, backed a van onto the bistro’s patio, broke windows and furniture. It has to be real.” he said in reply.

“So I’m out? I’m not a hostage?” she asked.

Clark smiled and said, “That’s correct, Dakkaebi, you’re free of Pinnacle Dynamics.”

“What if I decide I don’t want to work for you?” she asked.

“Well then, knowing you are a valuable commodity, we would sell you to the highest bidder to recoup our investment.” he said, “but that would never happen.”

Minji asked, “Why not?”

Clark leaned close so the others wouldn’t hear, “It would break mother’s heart.” he whispered. He straightened up. “Whenever she feels well enough, we’ll go to basecamp.”

Okay, I will neither confirm or deny I’ve ever been to a sex party…or two…so let’s change the subject and not go there. The point is that your Chillin’ Encounter doesn’t have to take place in a bar with a single pool table and frequented by bikers. Your “companion” could well be a woman in leather and stiletto heels with a riding crop. And the games of chance could be naughty. Then again, a Chillin’ Encounter could take place in a library. Let your imagination run free.

If you enjoy writing, whether in hopes of publication or just for fun, you will have to eventually write a sex scene. Surprisingly, they are harder to write than a combat scene, and like the combat scene, you have to know your audience in order to know how much detail to show or not show. In other words, you as the writer have to push the envelope to find the edge appropriate for your readers. Here’s a good article on how to write about sex: How to Write a (Great!) Sex Scene from the Career Authors site. Spoiler alert, most good Science Fiction now has a sex scene, some such as Altered Carbon have more than one. A small fact for those of us who don’t read other genres – sex is an integral part of a love scene in modern Romance novels, you know the ones your teenage daughter or granddaughter is reading. Another interesting fact, just as there are the raspberry awards for bad movies, there’s even an annual literary award for the worst sex scene of the year.

Your comments, suggestions and support are always appreciated. However, I won’t answer any questions about sex parties!

P.S. Just imagine everywhere there was a picture, there was an ad. Yuck!


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One thought on “Star Punk Dreams: The Sex Party

  1. Oh, my, somebody has been staying up late and watching Stephen Colbert 8^)

    I read your story, and Ms. Barr’s article. If I understand the argument correctly, a well written sex scene is another way to define your character and explain what makes them tick. It can be highly effective. I can see that.
    On the other hand, I’m not sure it is the only way to define your character or even the best way in all circumstances. I periodically work on a linked series of stories that is comedic in nature. My lead character, Katie, does go on dates, has feelings, likes guys, even meets a mythological love goddess (Freya) and briefly (30 to 60 seconds) reconsiders her own sexual orientation. However, there doesn’t seem to be any great, compelling need to include any explicit sexual scenes. At least not so far.
    Now, I don’t know if this is a matter of genre: extensive sex scenes are more appropriate for some types of stories than others. Maybe personal taste is a player: I read all Jean Auel’s Earth’s Children Ice Age books and skipped over almost all the sex scenes. Perhaps it’s a male/female thing. As Shakespeare says, “”Love is of man’s life a thing apart/ ‘Tis woman’s whole existence.” Or maybe I’m just a crochety old geezer, completely out of touch with modern times. I suspect you could write a dissertation on the issue (sex scenes, not geezers), and still not cover everything.

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