2 thoughts on “The Floozy Descends into 6mm Madness

  1. Welcome to the rabbit hole… I find that there is so much to read and digest about this period that it can often take up a lot of time! Looking forward to peeking over your shoulder as you take this journey.
    I think that Adler are grand figures to use for this scale, but somehow derailed to Commission Figurines MDF offerings as they are strong and robust, as well as painting up easily.
    Which Rules-set have you chosen to base your armies on?

    1. I’m starting with LaSalle version 2 from Sam Mustafa. I’ve played & own his Seven Years War games, Might & Reason & Maurice and liked them a lot. I also have Muskets & Shakos from Two Hour Wargames which seem good but haven’t played them.

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