Is she sad or lonely? Is she hung over or did she do bad drugs? Well, poor Erika Moon is suffering from Space Adaptation Syndrome, which is a kind of motion sickness coupled with the stresses of claustrophobia and less gravity. She’s up next after Veronica and hopes she won’t barf on stage.

Most people will recover in a few days to a week. Erika hopes so since the dancers have a three-month contract before going back to earth. The first thing Erika Moon is going to do when she gets “dirtside” is to wring her agent’s neck who told her “Captain James T. Kirk was from Iowa and she should do fine.” She’s discovered, first-hand, space isn’t Kansas!

Erika is another figure from Patrick Miniatures in a set called “Stripclub Females”, available in both 32mm and 28mm.

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