Rosalinda “Angel” Puentez

Angel Puentez considers herself the “chica mala” (bad girl) of the dance troupe. She often incorporates role play into her dances such as “slutty schoolgirl” or “nympho nurse”, tonight she’s playing “naughty nun”. Her favorite role is that of a dominatrix, but those in the know say she gets carried away in that one and plays a bit too rough.

Upon arriving on the Crystal Palace, Angel has been persistent in her quest to have sex in zero-gee, but everyone keeps telling her that it is something nearly impossible to do. Before coming to space, Angel had no idea just how much the act of sex relied on Newton’s laws of motion functioning in a near-earth gravitational field to be successful.

Angel is another figure from Patrick Miniatures in a set called “Stripclub Females”, available in both 32mm and 28mm.

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