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Armies of the 19th Century: Africa, Vol. 2 Central Africa – a Review

We certainly live in strange times. When Armies of the 19th Century: Africa, Vol. 2 Central Africa by Chris (C.J.) Peers was first released in 2011, you could purchase the hardback for around $25. I was late to the party and when I purchased my copy in 2013, it cost $40. Just 7 short years… Continue reading Armies of the 19th Century: Africa, Vol. 2 Central Africa – a Review

Colonial Era / Pulp

Fortunes Won & Lost Patrol Encounter

Today, I continue my Colonial gaming by playing the Patrol Encounter from Fortunes Won and Lost. Fortunes Won and Lost is a set of Colonial Era rules using small units by Two Hour Wargames (now Two Hour Games) and sold by Rebel Minis. Major Maxwell Wembley In this game, my character, Lt. Caroline Matthews, accompanies… Continue reading Fortunes Won & Lost Patrol Encounter

Colonial Era / Pulp

Mission St. Mary Confrontation Encounter

In the Confrontation encounter, the forces are lined up from highest Rep to lowest across from one another. The slavers are using their hostages as shields preventing Lt. Matthews from using volley fire out of fear of hitting the hostages. It was a balmy hot morning, 1 January 1900, when the sloop H.M.S. New Hope… Continue reading Mission St. Mary Confrontation Encounter

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Colonial Era Gaming with Two Hour Games

With all of the faults of Colonial Expansion and Imperialism, the period is full of wonderful tales, both true and fictional. Whether you want to game the exploits of Tarzan, search for King Solomon's mines, or stand with Chard and Bromhead at Rorke's Drift, there's a set of rules for you from Two Hour Games… Continue reading Colonial Era Gaming with Two Hour Games

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The Rancher’s Daughter, the Madam and … the Zombie Stripper? – Tales from the Paint Table

Following last week's SCW Nationalist HQ, this week saw a more eclectic batch of miniatures coming off of the paint table. The Rancher's Daughter & the Madam Returning to the Old West theme, I finished two figures from Shadowforge - the Rancher's Daughter and the Madam.  Shadowforge is now sold by Eureka Miniatures.  I bought… Continue reading The Rancher’s Daughter, the Madam and … the Zombie Stripper? – Tales from the Paint Table

Colonial Era / Pulp

Amazon vs. Amazon at the Dawn of the 20th Century

Today was my birthday and that means it was time for the annual Amazon vs. Amazon battle.  This year, I played the game with a twist - instead of being set on Valkae, I chose to set the game on Colonial Lemuria in the Kingdom of Nobelongga - the year is 1900. The queen has… Continue reading Amazon vs. Amazon at the Dawn of the 20th Century

Colonial Era / Pulp

Sweeping the Jungle

Not a single building was harmed and the raid was repulsed.  Jelani, the chief's son, proposed that they immediately sweep the jungle and drive any Niambo back across the border.  With the rest of the village's men still away, Jelani's force consisted of one unit of men and four units of women warriors. They set… Continue reading Sweeping the Jungle

Colonial Era / Pulp

Lair of the Lioness

The patrol had been a disaster.  Isawannayu had been defeated and had barely escaped with her wounded.  Ode's group met a worse fate.  Her group fought until they were all incapacitated, one of her women paid the ultimate price.  However, instead of being captured by the Niambo, the Niambo men disfigured the women's faces with… Continue reading Lair of the Lioness

Colonial Era / Pulp

Rebuking a Lioness

After driving off the Niambo, Isawannayu led the women to a village where the chief had been a close ally of her father.  Chief Bosede allowed the women to stay and heal.  Lesedi, Nomusa and Dayo all recovered from their wounds.  Isawannayu asked the chief to aid her in deposing her uncle, but the chief… Continue reading Rebuking a Lioness

Colonial Era / Pulp

A Goat with Teeth

Isawannayu was still fuming when she leapt upon a large rock outcropping to peer into the jungle. Her uncle had become chief after her father died under mysterious circumstances. Her stepmother was now one of his wives. Something wasn't right and when she questioned him about it, he consigned her to be "sacrificed for the… Continue reading A Goat with Teeth

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RRtK for Thucydides, Part 5

Project Progress The last few weeks have seen some progress on the project.  I painted and rebased archers, javelin men, and two units of hoplites.  I assembled 32 Victrix Spartans that are now in the painting queue. I've also started tweaking the rules to see what can be done to add some flavor to Rally Round the… Continue reading RRtK for Thucydides, Part 5