Rebasing Miniatures – the Amazons

Figures for To Be King - 2 units of Valkae Warriors & 1 unit of Archers Unless you are the rare (to me anyway) type of person who has the remarkable ability to plan for the future, you will at some point have to rebase some miniatures. If you are new to the hobby, you… Continue reading Rebasing Miniatures – the Amazons

Classical Greece

RRtK for Thucydides, Part 3

Basing and/or Rebasing Before moving deeper into troop types and how to represent them on the table top, I thought I'd take a quick break and show the process I use to base figures and also how I rebase them. Sometimes, rebasing can't be avoided and sometimes new basing materials come along that inspire a… Continue reading RRtK for Thucydides, Part 3