Rebasing Miniatures – the Amazons

Figures for To Be King – 2 units of Valkae Warriors & 1 unit of Archers

Unless you are the rare (to me anyway) type of person who has the remarkable ability to plan for the future, you will at some point have to rebase some miniatures. If you are new to the hobby, you are probably asking “why?”

There are a few factors which play a part in the decision to rebase miniatures, perhaps the most common is the desire to use the miniatures in a different rule set and another motivator is the advances in basing materials. Both of these play a part in my decision to rebase my collection of Amazons.

WARNING! Some of the figures are nude – blame the Greek vase painters & sculptors of the West side of the Parthenon!

Valkae Amazon Warriors – figures from Eureka Miniatures

Not long ago, I participated in the Warrior Heroes Trilogy Kickstarter from Two Hour Wargames. I’ve been playing a lot of WHAT (Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir) and was asked recently why I haven’t played Warrior Heroes to Be King. The answer has to do with my vanity. I didn’t like the way my figures looked for use in this new game.

To find out why, we must enter the “Way Back Machine” and go back into time. Back before the Floozy discovered Two Hour Wargames. You see, the Floozy started gaming with Warhammer 40K (2nd edition) & Warhammer (4th edition) way back when her 43-year-old son was 10. And at one point, Games Workshop launched a historical miniatures game, Warhammer Ancient Battles. At the same time, I discovered a few manufacturers who sold Classical Greek Amazons. Warhammer is a game where figures are individually based on square bases to form ranks & files for each unit.

Later when Two Hour Wargames released Rally Round the King, I needed multi-figure bases, but I wanted to still be able to play individual based figure games like Warhammer, so I developed a basing system using magnets so I could play any game.

To say Rally Round the King is one of my favorite games is an understatement. I ran it 5 years in a row at game conventions. It is the most tattered rule book in my collection. The first post on this blog was a battle report of Rally Round the King. In addition to the convention games & blog posts, I played a huge Amazon vs. Amazon battle every year on my birthday.

I’m eager to play the successor of Rally Round the King – Warrior Heroes to Be King. But there is a small problem, a vain one, I don’t like how my figures look for the new game.

You see, in the old game, you could have a unit directly behind another unit to give support, a +1 to die rolls. Having the Greek Phalanx in two rows of units made the army look like an army. Well, the rear support rule is gone resulting in my army looking more like a band of skirmishers than an actual army. So, I’m rebasing my Amazons.

An old RRtK game

I’m tossing the old square bases in favor of round ones which look better. The movement tray/sabot base is 3″ x 2″ with two 1/2″ wide magnet strips.

Same figures, now configured into units for Warrior Heroes Warbands set of rules

Using the sabot base for the multi-figure units means I can now use these figures in a multitude of games – WHAT, To Be King, WH Warbands, Red Sun Black Moon, etc.

Warrior Heroes Warbands Foot Melee unit
Warrior Heroes Warbands Foot Missile unit

With everything going on in my life, it will be a month or so before I’ll be able to play a game of To Be King. Believe me, I have a large collection of Amazons.

The sabot base or movement tray
The base bottoms are Litko Flex Steel

Let me know what you think of my basing system. Also, let me know how you base your figures.

Old basing system on the left – new system on the right

As always, your comments are greatly appreciated & read multiple times in some cases.

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Rebasing Miniatures – the Amazons

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