Warrior Heroes to Be “Queen”

Ok, ok, the actual title of the rules from Two Hour Wargames is Warrior Heroes to Be King - but Amazons don't have kings! At long last I'm trying out the game which is a new edition of one of my favorite games, Rally Round the King. And with RRtK being one of my most… Continue reading Warrior Heroes to Be “Queen”


Rebasing Miniatures – the Amazons

Figures for To Be King - 2 units of Valkae Warriors & 1 unit of Archers Unless you are the rare (to me anyway) type of person who has the remarkable ability to plan for the future, you will at some point have to rebase some miniatures. If you are new to the hobby, you… Continue reading Rebasing Miniatures – the Amazons

Classical Greece

1,000 Argives, Spartan Cavalry, and the Oracle

RRtK for Thucydides, Part 6 It has been a while since I've posted anything.  A couple of months ago, the Floozy injured herself.  Thinking she could work her way through it, the Floozy tried to ignore the pain until it consumed her ability to function.  My family doctor can only say that there is "severe… Continue reading 1,000 Argives, Spartan Cavalry, and the Oracle


Battle for the Southern Pass

  Of all of the reasons for the hostilities between Asteria and Nica, the chief reason was fear.  The Nycenaeans were fearful Asteria, with its democracy, would allow men to live freely among them, something repugnant to their Amazon sensibilities.  - Menalippe, "The History of the Valkae" Asteria is a land divided by a range… Continue reading Battle for the Southern Pass


Night Before Battle

The Nycenaean Camp "General Callidora, ma'am," said the young adjutant entering the tent. "Yes, Leto, what do you report?" "The spies have returned from the Asterian camp.  They were not expecting us this far south.  Their army is smaller than ours, they have fewer heavy infantry and most of it is unarmored.  The enemy has… Continue reading Night Before Battle


Painting with the Floozy, Part 2

Progress in Madness Last week after I announced the goal to attempt to paint 275 figures in three weeks, I had a vision.  In that vision, a young Robert Duvall sat confidently on a horse across the field from me and he shouted "That's bold talk for a one-eyed fat lady!" Knowing that I won't complete… Continue reading Painting with the Floozy, Part 2

5150: Science Fiction, Classical Greece, Colonial Era / Pulp, Fantasy

RRtK for Thucydides, Part 5

Project Progress The last few weeks have seen some progress on the project.  I painted and rebased archers, javelin men, and two units of hoplites.  I assembled 32 Victrix Spartans that are now in the painting queue. I've also started tweaking the rules to see what can be done to add some flavor to Rally Round the… Continue reading RRtK for Thucydides, Part 5

Classical Greece

RRtK for Thucydides, Part 4

SLINGERS I've finished the slingers for this project.  The metal figures are from Black Tree Designs and the plastic figures are from Victrix.  When looking at figures for this period, you discover that not all manufacturers make slingers.  I think there are two reasons for this, one may be historical and the other driven by… Continue reading RRtK for Thucydides, Part 4