Amazon Update Number 4

I’ve finished a big batch of Amazons and now have enough for the two armies I’ve rolled up to play a game of Warrior Heroes to Be King from Two Hour Wargames. If you are not familiar with Warrior Heroes to Be King or Rally Round the King, each army has a core of required units and then you roll for additional units the number of which are called by the army list. This means I can play a game this weekend!

Two units of Nobles (Elite Trained)
Unit of Sword Maidens (Elite Trained, Frenzied)
A Unit of Cavalry side-by-side for photography (Skirmisher)
Three units of Warriors (Frenzied)
Unit of Slingers (Skirmisher)
Unit of Archers (Skirmisher)
Unit of Peltasts (Skirmisher)

You might be wondering why archers are classed as Skirmishers rather than as Missile troops. It’s simply because the Classical Era Greeks, on whom the Valkae Amazon army list is based, used all of their troops with ranged weapons as skirmishers. At the beginning of the Classical Era, only 10% of a typical Greek army would be composed of light troops (skirmishers) and cavalry. By the end of the era, 25% to 30% of a typical Greek army would be composed of light troops and cavalry. With the Hellenic Era, the era of Alexander the Great, a Greek army could be composed of 40% to 45% light troops and cavalry. During this time, warfare among the Greeks went from being a form of ritual and civic duty to a form of national enterprise or business.

As always, your comments, suggestions, & observations are always appreciated. Just don’t remind me of how bad the Rangers are playing.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Update Number 4

  1. Ah the serendipity of internet searches. I ‘stumbled’ upon your wonderful blog thanks to a search for Rhodian slingers which found your post of 26 September 2016. That was really interesting and edifying so I have spent some time skimming over some of your other posts (mainly looking at the pictures, of course!). I particularly enjoy your fun and playful approach—and your marvellous painting! The scratch built terrain and other items I also really like. ‘Home made’ terrain is a feature of the hobby that I always like to see. (I also watched the video of Pink Martini and a live version of Până când nu te iubeam from Portland that YouTube suggested to me (how kind of it!). Wow, what a singer and performer she is!)
    Those are quite magnificent Amazons. Now that I have ‘found’ your blog, I will enjoy watching them in action in the future.
    Regards, James

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