Warrior Heroes to Be “Queen”

Ok, ok, the actual title of the rules from Two Hour Wargames is Warrior Heroes to Be King - but Amazons don't have kings! At long last I'm trying out the game which is a new edition of one of my favorite games, Rally Round the King. And with RRtK being one of my most… Continue reading Warrior Heroes to Be “Queen”

Old West

Painting Desk – Week 5

Five weeks into 2019 and I've finished a few more miniatures from the massive pile of miniatures waiting to be painted.  I didn't get to paint as much.  It turned cold, not as cold as what folks experienced up north, but cold enough that the Floozy spent more time with her hands wrapped around a… Continue reading Painting Desk – Week 5

5150: Science Fiction

From the Painting Table: A Hacker!

Just finished a 28mm Sci-Fi figure - a Nomad Spectr Hacker from Corvus Belli.  It's from their Infinity game, but it can be used in a lot of different games including the 5150 titles from Two Hour Wargames. She is a female figure.  One of the nice things about the Infinity line of figures is… Continue reading From the Painting Table: A Hacker!

5150: Science Fiction

5150: Missions – Find Encounter

I've got some time off this week, so I was able to squeeze in a game.  I decided to play an encounter from the 5150: Missions rules.  I chose this set of rules because you can play it on the tabletop or using a battle board,  there is no need for tape measures to measure… Continue reading 5150: Missions – Find Encounter


Amazons for Piathoe’s Peaks

While making repairs around Floozy Manor, I did manage to sneak a little time to paint up a band of mounted Amazons for use with Piathoe's Peaks from Two Hour Wargames.  I've had these miniatures for a while and finally kicked myself in the rear and got a few of them painted.  The Amazons are… Continue reading Amazons for Piathoe’s Peaks


A Violin Virtuoso, A Spider Demoness AND … More Dwarfs

Today I'm featuring a couple of figures I just finished and a few more dwarfs.  All of the figures are from Reaper Miniatures.  I've been collecting and gaming with Reaper figures for about 25 years.  It also helps that the Reaper factory and home offices are only a 30 minute drive from Floozy Manor.  I… Continue reading A Violin Virtuoso, A Spider Demoness AND … More Dwarfs

5150: Science Fiction

When Black Isn’t Black – Painting Sci-Fi

The Floozy may be a slow painter, but she paints a little each night.  This week I finished 3 science fiction figures and rebased 1 figure.  I made progress on other figures, I just didn't get them finished. Painting Black Without Black I'm painting figures and putting together terrain to play 5150: Infestation from Two Hour… Continue reading When Black Isn’t Black – Painting Sci-Fi


More Dwarfs and a Big Rat!

I finished painting Reaper's Nalila Goldhammer this week and thought I'd show her off with a few dwarfs I've done in the past along with a giant rat ogre. 03413 Nalila Goldhammer, Female Dwarf Paladin I chose to give Nalila blackened armor, she certainly wears a lot of it.  I used Vallejo Model Color Gunmetal… Continue reading More Dwarfs and a Big Rat!


Savage Beauty & Chicks in Chainmail!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Things are marvelous, though a bit chilly, at Floozy Manor.  I thought I'd start the year off with a review of a boxed set of figures from Reaper Miniatures.  The initial boxed set, "Savage Beauty", and the individual figures began appearing shortly after the turn of the century, 2001-2003, and the… Continue reading Savage Beauty & Chicks in Chainmail!