Spears of the Winged Skull

This fearsome unit has not lost a battle since the Battle of the Black Marsh. The sorceress who owns the regiment, Xyandi Nindraizan, had the survivors decimated - one in ten were impaled on their own spears to sooth her anger. The current commander, Ghin Cygnarc, knows that in each battle or skirmish, he must… Continue reading Spears of the Winged Skull

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Mid-Summer Madness – Session 11

The second unit is finished! I worked on the project 2.5 hours today. I finished the 12 figure Spears of the Winged Skull. I have now finished 24 models. I also applied the zenithal highlight to the third unit. I've spent a total of 33.5 hours on the project. I corrected mistakes, painted details and… Continue reading Mid-Summer Madness – Session 11