5150: Science Fiction

Pearl’s Plight – The Case of the Restless Redhead, Episode 2

And so you lost your Hollywood ambitions?""I thought I had. I waited on tables. I learned about life the hard way, and I suppose it did things to me. I would look at myself in the mirror and compare what I saw with the fresh, young girl I'd been when I was thinking of a… Continue reading Pearl’s Plight – The Case of the Restless Redhead, Episode 2

5150: Science Fiction

Pearl’s Plight – The Case of the Restless Redhead

In the outer office," she (Della Street) said, "is a very starry-eyed young redhead with a figure that is much more important than her clothes would indicate, who gives the name of Evelyn Bagby. She says that she simply must, and I quote, thank Mr. Mason personally, unquote. She's redheaded and determined."Mason frowned. "She wasn't… Continue reading Pearl’s Plight – The Case of the Restless Redhead

5150: Science Fiction

She’s Coming Back?

Ten years ago, I wrote a series that started with 5150: Book One, quickly moved to the first edition of 5150 New Beginnings and when it finished, Urban Renewal was released. That series featured a street operative and her android companion - Pearl Lemay and Nina Luvdoll. I wrote 16 episodes of Pearl's Plight, a… Continue reading She’s Coming Back?


Warrior Heroes to Be “Queen”

Ok, ok, the actual title of the rules from Two Hour Wargames is Warrior Heroes to Be King - but Amazons don't have kings! At long last I'm trying out the game which is a new edition of one of my favorite games, Rally Round the King. And with RRtK being one of my most… Continue reading Warrior Heroes to Be “Queen”

Colonial Era / Pulp

The Granaries

As I've mentioned a few times, Acheson Creations is closing its doors. They produce some of the finest resin terrain pieces I've ever seen. I've made as many purchases as I could afford since learning of Craig Acheson's upcoming retirement. I've concentrated my purchases on African terrain and miniatures. Every single piece has been excellent… Continue reading The Granaries


A Box of Rocks

Mistress of Time, Episode 6 *Note: This story came out of the second Wandering Encounter as part of a Guard a Traveler Job. So far Zhu's band has lost two members and a mule. Yoko was wounded and Zhu Paand sent her back to Clerseau on a travois with Jota leading the mule. Boris Goddur… Continue reading A Box of Rocks