5150: Science Fiction

Mr. Morimoto’s Package – Part One

The Girls Start at the Fairaday Square Transit Station Pod capsules were designed for only one person. The entire pod motel concept was to provide an economic place for a person to get a few hours of sleep - fitting two into the pod made for very tight quarters, especially if one of them snored.… Continue reading Mr. Morimoto’s Package – Part One

5150: Science Fiction

Sticky Fingers Jane

I needed a thief, a pickpocket to be exact, as a NPC in playing my Delivery Encounter for 5150: New Beginnings. I needed a figure that wasn't armed to the teeth & whether you play fantasy, science fiction or historical games - suitable unarmed figures can be hard to find. Enter Sticky Fingers Jane. She… Continue reading Sticky Fingers Jane

5150: Science Fiction

A Delivery Encounter for 5150: New Beginnings

I've received an advance copy of the new edition of Two Hour Wargames' 5150: New Beginnings to evaluate and review. Do I need to say I'm excited? The book is thick with some 250 pages all in color. It updates and consolidates the "civilian" or non-military science fiction rules. While the rules can be played… Continue reading A Delivery Encounter for 5150: New Beginnings

5150: Science Fiction

Guihan and April

I've received an advanced PDF copy of the 5150: New Beginnings rule book scheduled for release at the end of the month from Two Hour Wargames. What better way to play test and review new rules than with a couple of new miniatures - Guihan and April. With this new edition of 5150: New Beginnings,… Continue reading Guihan and April


Heartbreaker Dark Elves

Step into the Way Back Machine (along with Mr. Peabody), and let's go back to the last decade of the previous century. There were several massed battle fantasy games available - all competing against Games Workshop's Warhammer. Heartbreaker Hobbies had a game called Leviathan. They even used some of the same sculptors who had sculpted… Continue reading Heartbreaker Dark Elves

5150: Science Fiction

Jimmy “the Smirker” John

Mr. James John, a.k.a. Jimmy the Smirker, a.k.a. Smirking Jimmy, a.k.a. Smirking John, a.k.a. "the Smirker", and numerous other handles not fit for polite society is a "fixer." A fixer is a logistics problem solver - he or she can procure, fence, hire personnel or broker a deal whether legit or not so legal. He's… Continue reading Jimmy “the Smirker” John