Alien Catacombs Terrain Set

I’ve finished a second 2’x2′ board for the Escape from Hadley’s Hope game I’ll be running at the Lone Star Game Expo, Sept. 30 – Oct. 2. This is the Alien Catacombs Terrain Set from Battle Systems. I need to complete two more terrain boards to have a 4’x4′ table and I need to paint about three dozen figures for the game. I have 53 days left to prepare for the game.

The game is simple, each player will control a fireteam of colonial marines and escort a group of civilians to the opposite end of the table. If ten-year-old Newt doesn’t make it off the table, the players lose the game.

Weird fact – for the 40th anniversary of the movie Aliens, Reebok released a limited number of shoes patterned after the shoes Sigourney Weaver wore in the movie. Unfortunately, they were only made in men’s sizes. Three years later, Reebok offered a low-cut version called “alien stompers” for a limited time. You can still find the Reeboks listed on eBay selling from $5k to $30k. But you can also get cosplay replicas of Ripley’s shoes for only $65, so buyer beware.

By the way, painting the shoes on the 30mm miniature is a small pain as the gray detail has to be painted free style.

As always, your comments and support are welcome and much appreciated. The moral of the story is when corporate management wants you to investigate a crashed alien ship, it is okay to change your career path.

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Alien Catacombs Terrain Set post

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6 thoughts on “Alien Catacombs Terrain Set

  1. I think I like this set better than the previous Cyber Punk one you showed earlier. I’ve never tried out this kind of scenery. Is it turning out to be sturdy enough? Too difficult to assemble? Does it stay together? Are there any problems with it?

    1. For my play it is sturdy enough, we will see how well it does at the convention where people tend to be a bit rougher on terrain. The Cyberpunk set is the exact same terrain used in their initial Core Space game, the Alien Catacombs is newer & is the exact terrain found in the First Born expansion for Core Space. Things like walls are easy & intuitive to assemble. For some of the scatter terrain, you really need to watch the tutorial videos to put it together correctly. So far everything is staying together fine, but again the real test will be how it survives the convention. Some people may balk at the price, but the price is really nothing compared to the amount of time it would take me to scratch build a table full of terrain.

  2. Lookng awesome Elaine, please try to take lots of pictures of the games at the Expo (Or ask players to do so and send them to you so that you can share.) Looking forward to seeing more of this board and how the players get on with the 5150 reaction system.

  3. Looks grand!
    Just FYI a tip that is floating around is that cheap superglue helps reinforce the edges that are likely to get dinged up during play, this has worked OK for my boards (woefully underused).
    Are those Shadowforge miniatures?

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